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AI-Driven, Lightning-Fast Test Automation

Eggplant AI-driven software platform expands automation to your entire testing process. Test UX across all platforms and devices. Model complex systems and workflows. Reduce manual QA tasks and errors.

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Work Smarter and Win Big with Eggplant Test Automation


Cut test case setup and deployment time in half 



Run functional tests three times faster 



Run 19 million QA tests per year on your online retail sites with ease



Automate as much as 75% of regression testing


Eggplant Ranked an Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Leader by Forrester

Eggplant Software delivers end-to-end test automation and continuous UX improvement. “Eggplant has a strong testing vision with clear execution and innovation roadmaps, well suited to agile-plus-DevOps transformations.” —The Forrester Wave

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Eggplant's Leading Test Automation Solutions


A test run viewed in the Eggplant Test platform.

Eggplant Test Speeds Releases, Improves Testing Accuracy

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Screenshot of performance impact prediction in Eggplant.

Eggplant Monitoring Improves App Performance to Increase Conversions

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Charts and graphs displayed in Eggplant.

Eggplant Performance Tests Responsive User Experiences at Scale

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Five Truths About AI-Driven Software Testing

As software release cycles accelerate, manual testing can't keep up. AI automatically discovers user journeys, hunts for bugs and performs image-based UI tests from the user POV. Build better software with fast, broad, accurate AI-powered testing.

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Albertsons Drives Customer Experience Innovation with Automated Testing

U.S. supermarket giant Albertsons used Eggplant test automation to continuously hunt for defects, accelerate regression tests and improve overall software quality across all POS devices.

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Continuous Testing at DevOps Speed

To keep up with DevOps, continuous testing is key, streamlining development and automating the testing process. With Eggplant, you can shift left to test at each development stage, finding defects earlier and improving the quality of every release.

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Key Industries Rely on Eggplant

Close-up of control panel in a cockpit.

Aerospace and Defense

Mission-critical applications require zero defects and non-invasive, secure testing. Leading organizations including NASA count on Eggplant Software.

Person viewing a computer, with their hand touching the screen.

Enterprise IT

As enterprise applications get more complex, Eggplant’s automated testing tools accelerate updates and simplify fixes across your full technology stack.

Female in lab coat sitting at a computer, using Eggplant to test open EMR.


Deliver better patient outcomes, compliance and reliability with our automated testing for healthcare systems — such as EMR/EHRs — and medical devices. 

Hand holding a credit card about to be inserted into a retail POS device.


Accelerate release cycles across all customer touchpoints, from POS to web, and deliver amazing experiences with Eggplant’s automated retail software testing.


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