Eggplant Accelerators and Network Scenarios

Accelerators are building blocks that address common business challenges. Eggplant Accelerators help you develop, configure, and deploy your custom software solutions quickly.

Examples of our accelerators include one or more of Eggplant AI models, Eggplant Functional suites, Eggplant Network scenarios and integration components. 

With accelerators, you can:

  • Speed time to value. Prebuilt, pretested components meet your required needs so you can avoid developing custom solutions from scratch.

  • Reduce development risks. Accelerators are used across a community of users, are based on best practices, and use industry-focused terminology (rather than generic terms).

  • Address common business challenges using insights from a range of sources, customers, and industry experts.

  • Perform custom modifications, without restriction, because they’re delivered as open source components.