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Test Automation Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Mission critical scenarios such as space flight demand that computers and software systems have zero defects, and testers only have one opportunity to get it right. Eggplant works with numerous companies in the aerospace sector, including the team behind Orion, NASA’s latest spacecraft, to ensure that technology will perform as expected even in harsh climates and high-stakes situations.

Rather than focusing on the code, Eggplant approaches testing from the users’ perspective—enabling testers to implement various situations that might occur on board and test the performance of technology under these conditions. Our intelligent test automation can test thousands of scenarios quickly and scale as aerospace technology matures.

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Ensure Mission Success in Aerospace and Defense

Just 10 years ago, the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world relied on less than three million lines of code. Today, the F-35 runs eight million lines of code. Systems including weapons, command and control, spacecraft, communications, and RADAR are all running millions more lines of code. Today, it’s software — not hardware — that defines and delivers competitive advantage.

8 reasons Why Aerospace and Defense Companies Use Eggplant for Test Automation 

Accessing Secured Applications

Eggplant is commonly used to test and access systems secured by Two-Factor (2FA) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) techniques. Increasingly our customers in high security environments need to access more secure remote devices using physical Smart Card / Common Access Card (CAC) and PIN number. Eggplant makes it possible remotely access theses environments through native Network Level Authentication (NLA).

DoD Mandated

DoD is mandating Agile methodology for all defense software. Read the Defense Science Board paper that features Eggplant in appendix E “Source Selection Recommendations” under Test Automation.


100% Agnostic to device, language, and application architecture: Native, Rich Client, Client Server, Mainframe, Embedded or Cloud. 

Highest level of interoperability

Interoperability with most common tool chains including Selenium, Junit, UFT tests and most CI/CD and DevOps tool sets and industry standard protocols.


Intelligent image and text understanding algorithms mean that our testing is not fragile like some competitors. Location, resolution, screen size/orientation do not negatively impact our tests. 


Testing through the eyes of the user means that our tests can ‘see’ and ‘do’ what the user can. 


Non-developer end-users can author tests themselves and create user journeys based on their needs and not just requirement driven ‘happy paths’.


The only non-invasive platform that combines the ability to test all languages, architectures and devices with both script and model based engines, combined with AI powered test creation, coverage analysis and bug hunting. 

Leading Aerospace & Defense organizations trust us with Test Automation

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