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Test Automation Solutions for the Automotive Sector

Horsepower to Compute Power

The increased digital architecture requirements of vehicles are forcing a shift in focus and expertise with horsepower being replaced in favour of compute power and robust software design.   Connected vehicles are the next evolution in automotive technology and even autonomous vehicles becoming increasingly commonplace. It is likely that autonomous cars will replace drivers in the not-too-distant future.

But, in order for autonomous vehicles to be safely deployed and truly live up to their potential, manufacturers and other industry players must ensure that they have a modern testing solution to address the myriad new challenges that arise. Eggplant can test any technology on any platform, and also test autonomous vehicles’ ability to communicate with other nearby cars and infrastructure. In this way, we’re paving the path for continued innovation in the automotive sector and helping companies realize the promise of our connected future.

To truly test the next automotive vehicle experience, forward-thinking companies are exploring ways to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) — not just to the self-driving capability but to the technology testing the in-vehicle systems. 

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Testing on-board entertainment

Play and manage music. Get directions to sushi. Send and receive texts. Call your mom. Stream a movie to the kids in the back seat. As consumers demand more, exciting options from in-vehicle technology, teams need to test increasingly complex software — not to mention the next wave of systems for design and manufacturing.

PL/M Automation 

From the drawing board to the road, vehicle manufacturers use PL/M (Product Lifecycle Management) systems to automate from design through to production. With potentially thousands of users in major manufacturers, often functionality, performance and usability issues can slow down or halt the vehicle manufacturing process. It takes a very unique approach to continuous quality to be able to ensure the correct calibration and operation of PL/M systems including the intelligent understanding of 3D imagery. 

For connected vehicles, electric vehicles, on board entertainment systems and PL/M, Eggplant is the leader in intelligent automation. 

Common testing challenges in the Automotive sector

Platform challenges

Windows Embedded Automotive, Linux, QNX, and Android are some of the platforms used in automotive testing right now. Without a set standard in the market, how dynamic are your test automation tools to handle the often huge amounts of OS customization?

Connectivity testing

When it comes to connected cars, you have to test the connectivity associated with the in-vehicle infotainment UX as well as the car’s ability to communicate with nearby vehicles and infrastructures. Do you have a software testing strategy that can evolve as new, autonomous vehicle technology emerges and matures?

Safety and privacy concerns

Ensuring driver and vehicle safety will always be a top priority. But in-vehicle technology also presents the challenge to protect drivers’ personal data from getting into the wrong hands. Can you quickly roll out security patches and effectively secure systems against hackers and cyberattacks?

Access to skilled resources

In order to test the myriad of complex technologies used in the automotive sector can require highly skilled individuals in areas such as AI and UI design. Does your test platform enable you to reduce the complex skills needed in order to model, execute and analyze the testing of these complex systems? 


Why trust us to solve your testing challenges in Automotive digital technology

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enables end-to-end test automation to help you rapidly deliver new, in-vehicle infotainment technology features, perform comprehensive UX testing, and evolve testing as the next generation of autonomous vehicle technology emerges.

Future-proof your testing

Test any technology, app, or process end-to-end. 

Incorporate low code

Reduce complexity with model driven automation. 

Do UX testing from the true user perspective

Run one model across all platforms and test the full UX.

Keep pace with DevOps

Learn from in production use to improve your digital product. 

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