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Command & Control

Mission critical scenarios such as Command and Control (C2) demand that computers and software systems have zero defects. And testers only have one opportunity to get it right.

It’s essential that C2 technology has a resilient user interface in high-stakes, tense situations. A normalized, consistent experience across all devices is critical for your uniformed forces.

So, what’s Eggplant’s approach? Rather than focusing on the code, Eggplant approaches testing from the users’ perspective—enabling testers to implement various situations that might occur on board and test the performance of technology under these conditions. Our intelligent test automation can test thousands of scenarios quickly and scales as C2 technology matures.


Other Key Benefits of Eggplant for C2 Systems


Eggplant’s software is the industry’s only completely non-invasive automation tool. We use a 2-system model where we can connect to the system under test via extended protocols without the need to access proprietary code or the client itself. This ensures the security and privacy of your mission critical technology throughout the testing process.

DoD mandated

DoD is mandating Agile methodology for all defense software. Read the Defense Science Board paper that features Eggplant in appendix E “Source Selection Recommendations” under Test Automation.

Test dynamic GUIs

C2 systems rely on dynamic GUIs to provide critical information to users. Traditional testing tools really only work with text boxes, labels, buttons and tabs, which aren’t effective for testing a plane on a radar screen.


Technology compatibility

Legacy infrastructures need to be compatible with modern systems. Can your test teams handle the custom, proprietary, standards-based technologies used in Command and Control? Eggplant ensures an integrated system of hardware, software, and infrastructure that is sufficiently mobile, reliable, user-friendly, discreet in signature and that works first time.

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