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Most organizations today are grappling with a fragmented technology environment consisting of legacy systems, current-generation software and emerging innovations drawing on the IoT, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other technology trends. It’s essential that these disparate systems talk to each other, and a critical software error or quality issue could negatively impact revenue, quality of service and, potentially, the life of the business.


Keep pace with DevOps and Continuous Delivery expectations

Gone are the days when QA was viewed as a peripheral IT-specific function. In addition to ensuring that software functions as it should, companies must keep pace with DevOps and continuous delivery expectations all while providing a high-quality user experience.

These are the drivers behind the need for test automation, as manual testing alone is ill-equipped to address the ever-expanding test surface. However, it’s not enough to simply automate common, repeatable tests. Success in the digital age requires that companies employ intelligent, continuous test automation that moves beyond testing the code to understanding how users interact with the technology and tests the quality of that experience.

It might seem like a subtle difference, but it’s a critical distinction that drives numerous benefits including, ultimately, increased customer satisfaction and revenue. A website can be checking all the boxes from a pure functionality perspective but if companies can’t test the real user experience, they are only seeing part of the broader digital experience picture.

To truly test every possible user journey, it’s essential that AI be incorporated into the test automation strategy. Eggplant offers companies unparalleled testing precision through our intelligent, AI-driven approach to continuous testing. Our technology enables organizations to:

  • Deliver digital products that delight users
  • Release at DevOps speed
  • Test the full customer experience
  • Test any device, operating system, browser or technology
  • Predict the quantified impact of new product versions prior to release

Eggplant’s intelligent test automation continuously tests site performance, providing companies with actionable insights to optimize performance and drive positive business outcomes. Our monitoring solutions go beyond simply mitigating the likelihood of an outage to helping organizations proactively stay a step ahead of problems and identify strategies for improving the customer experience. 

Approaching continuous testing through the eyes of the user also enables Eggplant to test for variables unaccounted for in traditional testing methods, including:

  • Website interaction: Our technology allows companies to continually test how their site or application is interacting with other web content—an important consideration for the digital age.
  • Accessibility testing: Because AI-driven testing can respond to visual and audio inputs, companies can solve for accessibility problems such as PDFs that can’t be read aloud via screen readers, color contrasts that make text difficult to read, or websites that can’t be navigated using keyboards.
  • Emotional outcomes: A customer’s emotional state is not something for which human testers can accurately plan, however, AI-driven testing allows companies to account for how emotions may impact the customer experience. Whether it’s an exasperated traveler checking in at a kiosk or an astronaut navigating mission critical software in a high-stakes environment, understanding the impact of these emotional outcomes—and adjusting the UI as needed—is essential to producing the right experience, every time.

Across industries, the enterprise is only growing more connected and interdependent on software and systems, necessitating that companies invest in modern, continuous testing. By drawing on AI and analytics, Eggplant enables organizations to create a model of their application—which can be used to develop an infinite number of cases and ensure complete test coverage.

This means that companies can test even the most fragmented and disparate of technology environments, even with shrinking testing teams and the constant pressure to keep pace with DevOps. What’s more, Eggplant provides companies with a framework for intelligent, continuous test automation that can easily scale to address tomorrow’s testing needs.


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