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Digital transformation has massively altered the role and expectations for today’s technology leaders. CTOs and CIOs once had a relatively manageable remit existing largely within the IT department but, with all lines of business increasingly reliant on technology, that is no longer the case.



How Eggplant Supports CTOs & CIOs

Today you oversee a complex, heterogeneous technology environment poised to only grow more complicated as adoption of IoT and other innovations increases. In this landscape, a modern approach to testing is essential for achieving the speed and agility required to be competitive in the digital age.

As a technology leader, you also face pressures to guide your team in reducing bugs and other performance issues while simultaneously speeding time to market. Adding to this challenge is the perennial need to do more with less, mine greater efficiencies from both your workforce and your technology, and devise strategies for driving customer and user engagement through user experience improvements.

Eggplant provides CTOs and CIOs with the modern testing approach your teams need while also helping alleviate your broader business stressors of continuous delivery and a high-quality user experience. By testing from the user perspective, we enable testing data to be fed back into DevOps, ensuring that relevant customer experience insights can be incorporated into the development process. Our technology goes beyond the simple “does it work?” question to allow teams to explore various hypothetical scenarios, predict the impact of new releases, and even determine how text color, size and other aesthetic choices may lead to customer dissatisfaction. And because we are technology and platform agnostic, Eggplant can easily expand to cover new systems resulting from M&A activity or other strategic technology changes.  

Digital transformation has elevated testing to a business critical function. It follows that you need a modern approach to testing that draws on AI, machine learning and analytics to maximize test coverage and ensure a high-quality digital experience for every customer, every time. With Eggplant, you can set your IT department up for success even in the face of continuous delivery pressures and ensure your testing strategy is prepared for the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.


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