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Customer Experience

Your customers are unpredictable. They’re not necessarily going to use your application in the way you plan. Customer experience can suffer simply because your best guesses about how people use your software are off the mark.

Eggplant Intelligence suggests that despite significant investment in transformation projects, companies struggle in creating compelling customer experiences.

Inability to gather contextual behavior information is the most common ill.  With brands not being able to extract the current, insightful information that delivers on the customer promise resulting onetime buyers as opposed to loyal advocates.

Not having the right technology needed to deliver great customer experiences in real time and in a cost-effective manner is another obstacle.  This however this is a nested problem, as knee-jerk technology purchases often fail because new skill sets are required to really exploit the competitive advantage new platforms may hold. 

So how do you uncover what digital journeys your customers are actually making? How do you predict the success of a new software release before it goes live? Or, monitor a live business based on real user interactions to determine if business goals are being met, and if not, how do you quickly address those shortcomings?

Connect your customers user experience with your business goals.

A customer-centric approach to testing ensures that UI errors, bugs and performance issues are identified and addressed long before they go into production and have the chance to negatively impact the customer experience and, brand perception or your bottom line.

It’s been proven that fast, reliable sites and applications increase engagement, deliver revenue and drive positive business outcomes, so ensuring that these objectives are met should be an essential part of any modern testing strategy. 

Eggplant enables companies to view their technology through the eyes of their users. Our continuous, intelligent approach to test automation and monitoring investigates every possible user journey, identifies bottlenecks and recommends optimizations to improve your conversions. 

Don’t just test the happy paths. Understand how technical behaviors drive business outcomes and where to focus your development and infrastructure investment. Test the true customer experience with Eggplant.


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