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To meet continuous delivery expectations DevOps leads must always be a step ahead of the business. You’re not concerned solely with automating inefficiencies; rather, your goal is to create consistent, repeatable and automated processes for future deployments. 


How Eggplant Supports DevOps

DevOps is also often tasked with modernizing existing infrastructure while ensuring these systems integrate with emerging technologies to deliver better software at a faster pace that delights its users.

Whether it’s a retail customer expecting a seamless ecommerce experience or a business user anticipating access to business-critical apps on the road, if it’s digital the expectation is that it will work correctly, every time. This places added pressure on DevOps, as it’s critical to understand where software bugs exist and where performance issues might arise prior to release. How is this possible in a continuous delivery cycle?  

Through an intelligent, AI-driven approach to continuous testing. Eggplant helps DevOps leads address these requirements and lay the foundation for deploying DevOps at scale. Instead of testing the code, we focus on the end-to-end customer experience and provide DevOps teams win unparalleled intelligence on where problems lie, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolves these issues. This means you can meet customer experience demands and deliver innovation faster in a continuous manner, all while devising strategies to expand DevOps within your organization.  

Digital transformation is fast paced but, with Eggplant as your partner, you can stay abreast of digital changes and drive business outcomes through better quality software.


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