Digital Automation Intelligence.

Expand your automation beyond test execution with continuous intelligent AI-assisted test automation.

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Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Features.

A modern AI-assisted approach to test automation that helps you create products that delight users, deliver at DevOps speed, test the full customer experience, test ANY technology, and predict the quantified impact of new product versions on the user before release.

Intelligent Test Automation.

Eggplant uses scriptless models, AI, and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution across the full testing process. From test-case generation and test optimisation to results analytics.



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Universal Fusion Engine.

Eggplant can test any device, any OS, any browser, and any technology. It can also test at any layer from the UI, to APIs, to the database. This is why Eggplant is used for everything from cross-platform mobile banking to the Orion space craft’s digital cockpit.


Eggplant has been a wonderful product to use for User Experience focused Test automation. The ability to cross validate that users are seeing the desired behavior is invaluable to delivering on high quality products, and many existing test automation tools generally do not deliver well on that aspect.

Excellent product to be used in user interface testing. Really easy to create user interface automation scripts and user friendly sintax.

- Digital Sales & Marketing Director, Retail Industry

It’s so important to test the whole product, and testing it through the UI is the best way to do that. By running and looking at an Eggplant script, you can tell what the user was doing, what the business logic was, and what the UX was intended to be... So far, I haven’t found anything that Eggplant can’t do.

- Melissa Dixon, QA Automation Engineer at Conga

The solution is great for our user experience testing on all our software applications, both customized and vendor deployed applications. The solution has met the task of all our functional testing requirements.

- Quality Assurance Tester/Analyst, Manufacturing Industry

The Eggplant approach of being technology-agnostic and focusing on the UI make this a very versatile, non-invasive tool. Eggplant AI allows us to do testing permutations that fully exercise the SUT. This allows us go beyond the linier test cases and expand the testing into thousands of possibilities. 

- QA Project Manager, Services Industry

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