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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has resulted in numerous unique, industry-specific challenges, but one thing is constant: delivering a high-quality user experience has never been more important. From point-of-sale systems to banking applications to healthcare systems to vending machines—and everything in between—if it’s digital, users expect it to work right, at every interaction, and on every possible platform and operating system.


Testing is more important than ever before

In this environment, testing is more important than ever before—customers have little patience with poor performing applications or websites and will quickly switch to a competitor if they deem a company’s digital experience to be lacking. Delivering on these expectations can be challenging, as testing teams are under pressure to release faster than ever and are also grappling with new technologies in the form of the IoT, AI and other innovations.

To address these challenges necessitates that companies implement a modern approach to testing, in which the traditional pass/fail mentality is replaced by a laser focus on the customer experience. An application could pass all compliance criteria, but if the performance is flawed or the user experience is otherwise impacted then the technology is essentially a useless investment that brings the company no further along in its digital transformation journey.

Eggplant is the ideal partner to help companies navigate the testing complexities inherent in digital transformation initiatives. While other testing solutions focus on the code, we look at testing from the user perspective, evaluating how users are actually interacting with the technology and how technical elements can be tweaked to improve their experiences and drive greater bottom-line benefits for the company.

By feeding this information back to DevOps, we ensure that customer insights are incorporated into the development process as seamlessly as possible. Our scalable platform moves beyond static failure notices to show companies where the problems lie, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve these issues.

Digital transformation has elevated testing to a business critical function. It follows that companies need a modern testing approach that draws on AI, machine learning and analytics to maximize test coverage and deliver a high-quality digital experience for every customer, every time. Eggplant provides these capabilities and more, ensuring that organizations can thrive in the digital transformation era by providing the best possible customer experience.


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