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Eggplant AI Training and Certification

Eggplant provides a free, self-guided training course for anyone who would like to become knowledgeable of Eggplant AI and model-based testing.

For any students of the self-guided course or classroom training provided by Eggplant, a certification exam is available to test your mastery of Eggplant AI. Those students who pass the certification exam receive a personalized certificate.


Eggplant AI training course

The Eggplant AI training course includes six interactive lessons you view in your web browser.

There are a few key features of the lessons we want to draw your attention to:

1. The Resources link in the upper-left displays a list documentation links and downloads relevant to the lesson.

2. The NOTES section on the right toggles to display a transcript of the lesson's audio content, providing a second method of accessing learning material.

3. The player controls at the bottom allow you to move through the lesson at your own pace or mute the lesson audio.

4. The lessons save your progress, so if you close a lesson and return later, the lesson asks if you want to pick up where you left off. 



Lesson 1: What is Eggplant AI?

Lesson 2: States, Actions, and Connections

Lesson 3: Snippets

Lesson 4: Variables and Tags

Lesson 5: Executing Models and Using Test Cases

Lesson 6: Viewing and Interpreting Results

Eggplant AI certification exam

The certification exam requires an access code. To get an access code for the Eggplant AI exam, please contact your Account Manager.