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Eggplant Functional

Eggplant Functional, which contains our Fusion Engine, allows us to interact with any device, operating system or technology, from mobile to API to mainframe; and through any combination of Objects, APIs or by intelligently understanding the User interface and User Experience.




You must have a valid license key to use any Eggplant tool. If you are an existing customer, but for any reason don’t have your key, please contact support@eggplant.io. If you are not an existing customer and would like to find out more, please contact sales@eggplant.io or request a license key online.



64-bit Windows 7/10, Server 2008/2012


Eggplant Functional: Windows (exe)

Eggplant Functional: Windows (zip)

Eggplant Functional: Windows Release Notes




NOTE: 32-bit distributions will no longer be available starting with v18.0.0

If you are an existing customer that needs to download a 32-bit version, please contact support.


Mac OS


Mac OS 10.11/10.12/10.13/10.14/10.15

Release Notes

Eggplant Functional: Mac (dmg)

Eggplant Functional: Mac OS Release Notes





Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 20 64-bit

RedHat 6/7, CentOS 6/7

Release Notes



NOTE: Ubuntu 12 and 14 are no longer supported

 If you are an existing customer that needs to download a previous Ubuntu version, please contact support.


Eggplant Functional Utilities

Eggplant RLM v14 license server

Windows / Mac OS X / Linux Eggplant RLM License Server
RLM Admin Guide RLM Admin Guide


Recommended VNC servers

Windows UltraVNC
Mac OS X Native Screen Sharing
Linux Native VNC or TightVNC
Mobile platforms (Android, Blackberry, iOS, QNX, Wince) Eggplant


WebDriver Server

Windows 7/10, Server 2008/2012 WebDriver Server

Helper suites and other files

Functions for common user tasks such as “SendSMS” and “OpenURL.”


Mobile Helper Suite

This is an Eggplant Functional suite to assist with using the Eggplant Network emulator with Eggplant Functional. Note: This suite requires Python to be installed on the machine running Eggplant Functional.


Eggplant Network Helper Suite

This suite provides utilities to help automate Windows Phone devices.


Windows Phone 8.1/10 Helper Suite

These files can be used to link Eggplant and LabVIEW to provide advanced GUI automation alongside the comprehensive testing capabilities of NI LabVIEW. Target systems include in-vehicle automotive systems and all forms of embedded electronics with GUIs.
Video Tutorial


NI LabVIEW Examples & Templates

These files can be used to link Eggplant and GameBench to detect performance issues affecting the user experience (UX) of your app, and then identify the cause of the issue to resolve it. No direct integration is required.




Language bindings

Source Hosted on GitHub Java
Source Hosted on GitHub C#


Image differencing tool

Windows Windows image differencing tool
Mac Mac image differencing tool