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Eggplant Functional - Level 2 - Genius

Continue your learning experiences with Eggplant Functional by taking this advanced course to help you become an Eggplant Genius!

Once you’ve mastered the more advanced features of Eggplant Functional, you will be ideally placed to take your skills into your projects and become the ultimate functional testing professional.


Eggplant Functional Level 2 training course

This course contains five modules:

1. Advanced Scripting.

2. Test Execution.

3. Results and Reporting.

4. Frameworks.

5. Integrations.


Learn at your own pace

We understand that you may need to fit your learning around a busy work schedule, so we’ve designed this course to be easy to fit around the other demands on your time.

You should expect to put aside approximately 3–5 hours to complete the training.

If you prefer classroom-based learning, please contact your Account Manager



An Eggplant Functional license key, a computer, and accreditation in Eggplant Functional Level 1


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