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Eggplant Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA increases productivity and reduces errors by automating the execution of repetitive process tasks

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How can robotic process automation benefit you?

Robotic process automation, or RPA, automates manual developer processes, making business users more effective and simultaneously improving business outcomes by reducing the errors involved in manual data entry. Because RPA is often included in discussions of AI-driven testing and other advanced technological implementations, it’s often assumed that the technology is tech-resource intensive and requires a significant amount of developer involvement. However, the opposite is true—RPA can be fairly straightforward and quickly free up skilled employees to focus on more strategic work.

Whether it’s database migration and audit trails for federal organization or security patches for hospital servers, Eggplant has helped companies in every major vertical utilize RPA to speed up processes and reduce the administrative burden on employees.

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Universal fusion engine that can test any system from mobile to mainframe.

End to End

End-to-end automation able to interact with multiple systems to complete a task.

Data Driven

Data-driven automation able to link data-sources and execute a task for each record.

Hosting Platforms

Easily deployable runtime which can be hosted on Win, Linux, OSX.

Process Focused

Designed for process experts not technical experts or developers.

Automated & Manual

Automated and manual process discovery as well as being able to mix both approaches.

Different Modes

Unattended and attended deployment modes

App Compatible

Accelerators for common packaged apps (e.g. SAP and Oracle).


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Businesses exist to deliver profitable products and services that delight customers and attract new ones. Our technical expert Mark Fernee, shows you how the Eggplant AI and Software Test Automation suite delivers business results.

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