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Electronic Medical Records

Poor performing software is more than just an inconvenience. It can easily lead to patient care issues with a life or death impact.  

In the age of digital healthcare, organizations need a new approach to ensure that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) work properly after every change and integrate seamlessly with other hospital systems.  


EMRs are getting more customized and are on quicker upgrade cycles, leading to what Fortune Magazine documents as the growing patient safety risk “tied to software glitches, user errors, or other flaws”. 

Traditional manual software testing methods simply cannot cover the complex and interconnected healthcare technology landscape anymore. It’s essential for healthcare organizations to apply a modern testing approach to ensure EMR work properly after every update and are seamlessly connected to the vast number of hospital systems at play.  

To achieve this, you need to adopt end-to-end testing of software releases, updates, functionality and performance — you can’t just test that the code works in one system or another. 

Unique Features of Eggplant for EMR

The unexpected is always tested

How a patient flows through the system, their treatment plans, orders and medications are complex and unique, creating a complex mesh of possible scenarios.

Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) solution can test all the permutations and variances of hospital orders and workflows to make sure even the unexpected is tested.

Detect illness patterns

Eggplant’s AI algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data, recognize patterns in behavior and spot trends in disease development without the need for direct human input. This functionality is particularly critical during periods where there is a huge reliance on healthcare resources.

With Eggplant AI, healthcare professionals can rest assured that mundane tasks and analysis of large collections of data can be automated. Allowing doctors and nurses to focus on what matters most, the wellbeing of their patients.

Continuous care across multiple systems

Eggplant can automate every step of a process or workflow. In an effort to reduce waiting time and get the patient care fast, consider checking a patient in and subsequently ordering some tests. This typically spans at least three systems and multiple keystrokes.

Eggplant can automate these touch points along the entire process.

Get up and going fast

Eggplant DAI is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) compliant and is a non-invasive solution which resides 100% inside your own firewall and does not need any software to be installed on your server.

Eggplant has recently won the CODie awards for the Best DevOps tool and as such is well suited for use by both the business user, with little technical background as well as the seasoned software developer testing professional.

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