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Automated Software Testing for Healthcare

Keysight's Eggplant empowers healthcare organizations to automate healthcare software testing reliably and comprehensively. Your teams need to deliver the best software for the highest quality patient care, faster.

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Will AI bring better patient care in 2023?🔮 Future-prove your testing strategies with our strategic predictions.

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Transforming healthcare through software requires speed, security, and scalability.  Join the thousands of organizations using Eggplant to automate and accelerate software testing. Take a 5-min self-guided product tour.

Better Patient Care Requires Better Software

 Software is the pulse of healthcare. There are no excuses for any functionality, performance, or usability issues. As a global leader in AI-powered test automation, Eggplant enables healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality software faster and thrive in the digital age. Explore how we can help you:

  • Speed Up End-to-end EMR Testing

    We automate end-to-end testing for any EMR systems and devices including healthcare workflows, application interfaces, and connected devices – in a low-code platform. Our patented AI engine helps effortlessly test the latest software updates for optimized patient and healthcare worker experiences.

    How Hospitals Thrive with Automation Intelligence

    With software involved in every facet of a hospital visit, testing this hyperconnected digital landscape is no easy feat. Manual testing approaches can no longer cover this vast scope. Healthcare organizations need a new approach —  intelligent automated testing — to ensure that their EMRs work properly anytime, anywhere.

  • Simplify Medical Device Software Testing

    In the age of telehealth, testing connected medical devices becomes more crucial to quality patient care. Healthcare organizations use Eggplant to:
    • Automatically test end-to-end workflows, integrations, and digital experience 
    • Intelligently test on-site systems such as PACS, CT, and MRI, and wearables without traditional user interfaces
    • Ensure interoperability between any medical devices and EMR systems

    A Foolproof Strategy to Test Next-Gen Medical Devices

    Healthcare providers invest in medical devices because they save lives, but they come with critical testing challenges.  Eggplant is an easy-to-use test automation tool that healthcare organizations can rely on to ensure their devices work properly, wherever they are. 

  • Scale Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

    Improving healthcare efficiency is existential in the current environment. We provide a near-effortless approach to scaling intelligent automation or RPA 2.0. Our patented AI engine reliably and securely automates mundane processes, minimizing human errors and freeing up staff to focus on high-value tasks.

    How RPA turbocharges healthcare's digital transformation

    AI is taking RPA to the next level. Watch our recent fireside chat with Chuck Schneider, CEO at Redpoint Summit, to learn why our healthcare customers rely on Eggplant to harness the combined power of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI and achieve greater efficiency at scale. 

Explore Eggplant Capabilities 

Any Platform

Any medical device, EMR application, OS, browser or API — Eggplant tests across all your platforms and use cases through a single, intuitive UI.

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Model-Based Testing


With a single digital twin model, you can test the user journey across any EMR, device or technology layer faster and better.

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Intelligent Computer Vision

 Validate user experience on any screens, systems and devices with automated, computer vision-based testing.

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"Partnering with Eggplant significantly contributed to reformation of the way we work by drastically reducing man-hours. In addition, it allowed us to enhance product quality by strengthening test coverage and shortening lead time by executing automated tests during the night and holidays."

Mr. Yohei Yamada
Deputy Department Manager of the Software Development Department, FUJIFILM Software Co.

"Each iterative change needs testing, and we've been able to use Eggplant to significantly reduce the burden on our development staff.”

David Wyndham Lewis
Transformation and Technology Director, Tavistock and Portman NHS 

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