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Black Box Testing for Secure Applications

Eggplant’s non-intrusive black box testing lets you build automated test cases and models via the user interface, so that you can rigorously test software without needing access to sensitive source code.

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Black Box Testing Safeguards Mission Critical Technology

Black box testing is essential for regulated sectors such as aerospace and defense, whose mission-critical systems need to remain private and secure. Due to the highly secure and sensitive nature of these systems, it’s often the case that accessing the source code during testing is impossible to do. In order to ensure mission success, DevSecOps and non-technical teams alike need a black box testing solution to quickly test thousands of scenarios at scale while keeping the source code secure.

Ensure Mission Success with Eggplant’s Black Box Testing

Highly secure industries need test automation that can rapidly identify and address software risks to ensure the utmost accuracy without access to source code. Eggplant’s non-intrusive black box testing fills this need; its AI-powered, non-invasive platform tests all languages, architectures and devices with script- and model-based engines, allowing DevSecOps to release software bug-free.

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Aerospace and Defense: Keep Your Sensitive Systems Up and Running with Eggplant

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Healthcare: Protect Sensitive Patient Data with Eggplant’s Non-Invasive Tools

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Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Eggplant Test uses a non-intrusive approach that tests via the user interface. Rigorously test software without access to sensitive source code. Analyze all possible user journeys while ensuring functionality, data security and integrity.

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Product Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision uses optical character recognition (OCR) to identify text from images, facilitating testing of complex UX elements. 

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Universal Fusion Engine

Eggplant’s AI-powered engine provides the fastest path to quality for your system under test by identifying, executing and adapting tests automatically.

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Any Platform

Eggplant Test ensures your applications and digital services function across all browsers, operating systems and devices.

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Leading Enterprises Look to Eggplant to Deliver Non-Invasive, Secure Testing

Resources for Black Box Testing

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Industries such as aerospace and defense need to ensure privacy and security through the testing process. Eggplant’s non-invasive testing solution delivers. 

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Explore the current state of data privacy in healthcare and the role non-invasive AI-driven test automation can play.

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Achieving Excellence in Testing

Non-invasive test automation, no matter where it sits in the defense technology stack, is vital for ensuring overall quality and speed of delivery.

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