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API Evaluation Across Your Full Tech Stack

Deliver robust, on-time releases with our automated end-to-end API tests. Eggplant verifies that results on the back end and UI layer match, preventing errors and optimizing the customer experience.

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API Testing Verifies Results from a User Perspective

Enterprise applications, connected by APIs, have traditionally required numerous tools to test each technology layer. Using multiple tools can:

  • Reduce end-to-end functional and usability testing  
  • Slow down functional testing for deployment release 
  • Leave API results unverified and end-to-end workflows untested

DevOps teams need to be able to test multiple tech layers together, eliminating redundant tools and creating efficiencies to accelerate releases. Eggplant’s model-based approach tests system-wide responses to business scenarios, preventing glitches and optimizing the customer experience. Our platform ensures APIs work together seamlessly to enable security, reporting and access control — so all systems are ready to go when you are.

Testing Real User Workflows

Eggplant digital twin modeling provides robust end-to-end testing for all your enterprise applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle.

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Innovate with Eggplant

Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Eggplant’s AI-powered, automated testing platform accelerates testing across any technology to ensure accurate API responses and an optimized UX.

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Keysight University: End-to-End Test Automation in Action

Find out how to tackle challenging testing scenarios with end-to-end automated testing. See how full-stack tests handle complex enterprise application use cases, from device authentication to Salesforce interface testing.

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