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CI/CD Integration Adapters

Integrate unit, functional and digital experience test automation with your CI/CD pipeline across the entire software development lifecycle.

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Fast, Easy Integration to CI/CD Tools

DevOps teams want to accelerate continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). But testing the software build as new code, accommodating system dependencies and adding release artifacts can require manual test script rewrites, which can lead to delays and errors.

  • CI/CD approaches can include up to 14 disparate tools
  • Learning new tools is time-consuming for under-resourced DevOps teams
  • Technology teams are under immense pressure to shorten software release cycles

Eggplant’s portfolio of powerful CI/CD connectors — for Jenkins, Bamboo, GitHub, Selenium and more — helps facilitate fast and easy integration that allows for more rapid test case development while expanding application test coverage across the full technology stack.

Digital Transformation Demands a Modern Testing Approach

Digital transformation has made testing business critical. Learn how AI-powered testing maximizes test coverage and ensures high-quality software releases.

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Scale with Eggplant

Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Eggplant lets you integrate with CI/CD tools to auto-generate test cases, scripts and snippets faster for end-to-end test coverage.

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Eggplant Performance & Load Testing

Using our integration adapters, connect with and extract data from packaged applications to facilitate performance benchmarking and validation.

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Keysight University: Continuous Testing in the CI/CD Lifecycle

Find out how to connect to GitHub for your source code management (SCM) repositories and configure your CI environment to trigger continuous delivery releases in the Keysight University video series, “Building a Full Stack Testing Strategy.”

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This independent report from O’Reilly Media explains how DevOps can overcome testing challenges with AI and ML-based approaches. 

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Improving Efficiencies with Automation

Whether it’s legacy back-office technology, a dynamic POS app or a mission-critical defense system, Eggplant can automate testing at any technology layer. 

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Accelerate Software Releases with CI/CD

To ensure releases exceed quality metrics, DevOps should incorporate continuous testing for broader test coverage and auto-generated test scripts and snippets.  

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Create Resilience with Chaos Engineering

Eggplant can support chaos engineering — performing experiments, injecting failures and engineering disaster scenarios to proactively develop software solutions. 

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