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Eggplant Test and Release Insights

“Eggplant allows a good diagnostic deep dive for problems, enables us to compare before and after, and check different page components to delight our customers.” —Rob Lorton, Studio Retail Ltd.

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Customize Synthetic Monitoring for Efficient UX Diagnosis

Gain visibility into site or app performance, and uncover and fix the issues that are impacting user journeys, web services and API endpoints, including:​

  • How page load times affect conversion, session length, bounce rate, and revenue
  • Which pages are slowest and how they affect the user experience
  • How UX compares on different devices, browsers and ISPs
  • Which devices are most common and drive the most conversions
  • What user journeys are closely tied to business goals and outcomes

With Keysight's Eggplant, you can build and release with confidence. See what customers experience in real time, build accurate test cases, and focus testing to deliver the best results.

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Deliver Better Experiences with Real Customer Insights

Understand and tune all the factors affecting the UX, from back-end integrations and content delivery network (CDN) performance to user devices.

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Innovate with Keysight's Eggplant

Eggplant Monitoring Insights

Identify and fix website performance issues. Test functionality and availability to increase site speed, improve conversion rates, and deliver a great UX.

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Keysight University: Building A Full-Stack Testing Strategy

Discover how to execute full-stack testing across every application technology layer. And learn about the types of development methodologies needed for end-to-end testing and the fast delivery of quality and reliable software.

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