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Universal Fusion Engine

Test any device, OS, browser, API, text, image or object to verify the UX end to end.
“We significantly reduced testing time while increasing accuracy, producing extremely precise results.”
— SVP Operations

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AI/ML Automation Tests Faster and Smarter

As user journeys get more complex and the number of devices grows, manual testing employing disparate tools fails to respond quickly enough to ensure software quality and timely delivery for:

  • Cloud-native multi-service architected apps that rely on interconnected services
  • Mobile and web apps requiring certification or verification across devices, browsers, and OSs
  • Large-scale software implementations that need regular maintenance updates

The Eggplant Universal Fusion Engine solves these challenges by providing image and object-based test execution with AI-driven models that automate functional and usability testing across multiple tech layers. As a result, our unified testing approach helps speed up releases, reduce costs and drive business results.

The Ultimate AI Testing Playbook

Make better software with higher-quality assurance — use AI/ML to automate user journey discovery, test creation and execution, results analysis and more.

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Test Faster and Smarter with Eggplant

Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

The Universal Fusion Engine integrates with AI/ML-generated models of the application being tested and executes tests for any device, browser or OS.

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Keysight University: Automated Software Testing 201

Get acquainted with common software test automation techniques. This course will introduce you to scripting best practices, image capture techniques and user session recording. Also learn methods for standardizing your system under test (SUT), so you can optimize test performance.

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