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Test Automation Solutions for Financial Services

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In the extremely competitive and high stakes trading environment where markets rely on the analysis of thousands of data points, an algorithmic defect or other technology failure could be catastrophic.

Traders are making decisions on real time data and if its not rendering right on every platform then its a problem. If the software's not keeping up with the performance peaks, then wrong decisions can be made. For example sudden spikes in trading and market data around key events such as Non-Farm Payrolls.

As such, testing is critical but it’s essential that it not impact the pace of delivery. In this age of automated trading, it follows that organizations need a test automation strategy that provides unparalleled testing precision and certainty while simultaneously keeping pace with DevOps. Eggplant’s intelligent automation continuously tests performance, functionality and usability to optimize trading performance.

Our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite uses low code models, AI and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution to the full testing process. Eggplant then moves beyond development into production where it continuously monitors the performance and user experience of the software in production.

Eggplant can test any software at any level from back office to front office to user interface to fix and swift protocols to databases. With traders expecting instant access to trading screens from their fixed and mobile devices, this should be a critical part of any testing strategy.

Front, middle & back-office

High profile IT failures often result from unanticipated interactions between legacy, custom and cutting edge systems across the front, middle and back office. Only Eggplant can do end-to-end testing of these workflows, both from a functionality performance and usability perspective. Only Eggplant can automate a workflow that goes across a mainframe, a Windows desktop, an iPad and a custom trading screen. 

Digital Banking

Banks have become digital products with the most extreme example being the "Challenger Banks" that don't even have any branches.

For a challenger bank, the brand, product, customer-base and reputation are forged on digital excellence and, if the technology fails, the company fails. Which means balancing spend on customer acquisition versus delivering a secure and outstanding experience to its existing users is paramount.

Banks are competing with each other using weapons such as customer experience as a differentiator. This customer experience has to work seamlessly across web, mobile, a wide range of platforms and browsers. Ensuring continuous quality for this digital banking customer experience is key. 

For banks with branches, testing the in branch experience and the ATM machine experience is also important. 

Banks are required by regulators to ensure that all websites and Apps have the correct latest terms and conditions available. Verifying this is cumbersome and slow for test teams who must check every page and verify that the terms and conditions have been update. Eggplant’s PDF validation combined with automatic web or app crawling means that test teams can quickly and easily automate this process.


Insurance has become a digital business. Customers demand real-time online quotes and the ability to instantly take out a policy. Insurance companies compete with each other in a digital marketplace but off the cutting edge front end often lies a back end system of integrated legacy. Testing the customer experience and business outcomes to ensure the front-end is performing optimally must be combined with testing the back-end workflows to make sure data updates and load and performance are being handled correctly. 


Why leading brands in Financial Services trust us with test automation

Automation & Speed

Keep up with continuous delivery by Automation more of the QA process

Faster release cycles with greater test coverage

Continuous and intelligent testing using artificial intelligence 

Quality & User Experience

Deliver Amazing Customer Experience and Business Outcomes

More than 'does it work'? Uniquely test the real customer experience

Functional, performance, usability and accessibility 

True End to End Testing

Automate any system from Legacy to Cutting Edge

Don't worry about technology fragmentation

Covers all technologies non-invasively 

Leverage DevOps

Optimize deployments with actionable insights.

Testing in production as well as development

Reduce churn by identifying real world bottlenecks 

Embrace Business Testers

Embrace business and technical testers

Shortage of domain and technical skills

One platform that caters to test and business professionals

Common testing challenges in the Financial Services sector

Omnichannel banking challenges

Competing effectively for banking customers means providing a reliable, relevant, and consistent UX across multiple channels — while still providing your legacy, bread-and-butter services, now and in the future. Can you balance these elements to meet user expectations, support a complex experience, and integrate everything across all channels and back-office systems?

Security, regulations, and compliance

Testing plays a huge role in ensuring your applications comply with international standards and regulations, and in protecting against hackers who target digital banking portals. People who bank via mobile still aren’t convinced that something like direct deposit is secure, and often log in on desktops to perform transactions. Does your software testing strategy follow best practices to keep everything secure for your financial institution and your customers?

Performance pressures

If your banking portal or your mobile app doesn’t perform as expected, frustrated customers won’t hesitate to shift their money and loyalty to your competitors. How well can you monitor transaction spikes and execute stress and load tests to ensure you can handle multiple transactions all the time?

Address Your Digital Banking Testing Challenges With Eggplant Solutions

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enables end-to-end test automation to help you innovate to delight customers, comply with regulations, and provide reliable, stable performance of your systems and apps.

Future-proof your testing

Test any technology, app, or process end-to-end. 

Incorporate low code

Reduce complexity with model driven automation. 

Do UX testing from the true user perspective

Run one model across all platforms and test the full UX.

Keep pace with DevOps

Learn from in production use to improve your digital product. 


“The intuitive nature of Eggplant and its ease of use, as well as the speed with which we would be able to demonstrate results, were significant factors in its favour.”


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