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Optimize DevOps with Continuous Testing.

Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline to deliver quality software. Watch the Continuous Testing Bootcamp, now available on-demand.

Trusted by all these outstanding companies.

Eggplant DAI Platform will help you...
Test faster and efficiently
to ensure on-time delivery
Reduce IT costs while
improving quality
Automate repetitive tasks to
reduce manual errors
Enable test maintenance at scale
Reduce time-to-market
Deliver a consistent experience
across all devices
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Salesforce Solution brief

As an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce is at the heart of daily operations and delivers a centralized customer view for enterprises worldwide. The Eggplant Salesforce Solution auto-generates test automation assets specific to your environment to accelerate deployments by reducing your testing from months to minutes.

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Additional Solutions

Putting more brain power into it

Continuous Testing

Most organizations today are grappling with fragmented technology environments. Manual testing alone is ill-equipped to address the ever-expanding test surface. Enter software test automation.

Man using laptop on mountain - clouds

Testing in the Cloud

Accelerate the speed and scale of your continuous delivery, and put the user experience at the heart of your testing with the Eggplant cloud platform.

Entrepreneur analyzing graph on laptop (Eggplant in action - Monitoring Insights) 533x324

Monitoring Insights

Drill into critical data points such as how page load times are affecting conversions, session length, bounce rate and revenue to determine where to focus your development and infrastructure investment.

Titleclose up on robot hand working on laptop to checking correct data by using RPA

Robotic Process Automation

RPA increases productivity and reduces errors by automating the execution of repetitive process tasks.