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Aerospace and Defense Test Automation Tools

Mission-critical, often life-and-death scenarios require software applications to have zero defects. That’s why NASA and leading companies rely on Keysight's Eggplant software to deliver the results they need. 

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Non-Invasive Testing for Mission-Critical Systems

With Eggplant's non-invasive test automation, no access to source code is required, providing a black box solution for secure environments. Eggplant test automation uniquely increases test case coverage across systems, apps and platforms that manage and control land, sea, air or space to verify user workflows and win the fight by using intelligent computer vision.

  • Individual Device Test

    Unit testing every component in highly complex systems is necessary to ensure mission outcomes in the aerospace and defense sector. What’s required is a test automation solution that:

    • Enables black box testing of highly secured assets without needing access to classified source code
    • Lets increasingly dispersed delivery teams collaborate remotely
    • Streamlines time-intensive manual processes

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence lets remote teams use a non-invasive approach that automatically tests the user interface of secure systems without needing source code access.

Individual Device Test Use Cases

  • System Integration Test

    When it comes to testing functionality, regression, performance, and usability, aerospace and defense companies must:

    • Integrate a diverse set of software and hardware in Command and Control systems
    • Find ways to eliminate manual, time-intensive processes
    • Work with highly secure systems that require multifactor authentication
    • Automate software testing as a requirement in Department of Defense projects

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence shortens delivery cycles with its highly secure, automated testing. And it can easily integrate and test the many technologies employed to support your system.  

System Integration Test Use Cases

Eggplant Test Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision uses optical character recognition (OCR) to identify text from images, facilitating testing of complex UX elements. 

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Test Any Platform

Eggplant Test ensures that all of your software and hardware applications function effectively and efficiently on any device or operating system. 

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API Evaluation

Eggplant API testing verifies front-end data results match back-end results, helping prevent errors that could lead to mission failure.

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Eggplant Plays a Pivotal Role in the U.S. Army’s Frontline Defense

When a high-priority problem caused software issues, the U.S. Army needed an intelligent testing solution. Enter Eggplant’s test automation, which pinpointed the problem, while improving overall efficiency.

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“Eggplant enabled the team to move from completing a 10-hour test event every three days to running a 24-hour test event every day.”

U.S. Army

Resources for Aerospace and Defense 

Launching a NASA Spacecraft with Eggplant

NASA’s Rapid Prototyping Lab chose Eggplant as one of its software verification tools to test NASA Orion’s cockpit display simulation software. 

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Case Study: CANoe

Eggplant Functional was used in conjunction with CANoe from Vector to assure comprehensive verification of Flight Attendant Panels in all development stages. 

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Non-Invasive Testing with UI Automation

Software engineer and Eggplant user, Lindsey Rominsky, explains how software teams can get started with UI automation of aerospace and defense system testing. 

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Test Automation for Aerospace and Defense

With testing accounting for 75% of a program’s sustainment costs, players in aerospace and defense are increasingly relying on Eggplant software test automation. 

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