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AI-Powered Automotive Software Testing

Automate automotive software testing for in-vehicle infotainment features, apps and connected vehicle monitoring to ensure the best-in-class driving experience.

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Test Automation Software for Modern Automotive Applications

Delivering on the promise of modern automotive digital technologies means taking an equally modern approach to functionality, performance and safety testing. Keysight's Eggplant offers multi-functional, easy-to-use solutions for conducting visual verification, non-intrusive black box tests, and continuous testing of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and full connected car experiences.

  • IVI Systems Testing

    The latest automotive designs incorporate innovative technologies to delight drivers and passengers, but testing all the possible choices, options and features is growing increasingly complex.

    • Manually maintaining and designing new test cases for infotainment, applications and embedded systems is resource-intensive and expensive
    • Unit and functional testing for the driver experience is complex given diverse operating systems and vehicle system integrations

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Rapid, comprehensive testing of new IVI and connected car services has never been easier with Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence. Robotic Process Automation offers a low-code way to automate repetitive tasks, workflows, and processes.

    Cockpit of futuristic autonomous car displaying augmented reality overlays.

IVI Systems Testing Use Cases

  • System Integration Testing

    Providing a best-in-class connected car experience requires continuous system integration testing.

    • With the proliferation of in-vehicle software, manually testing driver menu selections, actions, and configurations is growing increasingly complex
    • Testing the complete user experience — console, digital dashboard, infotainment and navigation systems — can require several tools

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    With Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence, you can consolidate all your system integration testing under a single platform, ensuring faster release cycles, improved quality and less downtime

    Bearded white male sitting in a car with an open laptop, testing the device mounted next to the steering wheel.

System Integration Testing Use Cases

Eggplant Test Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Optical character recognition (OCR) differentiates between text and images to facilitate testing of complex UX elements. 

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Model-Based Testing

Predict how vehicles and subsystems will behave under different conditions for improved testing accuracy and reliability.

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Test Any Platform

Ensure your onboard systems, interfaces and back-end servers function across all vehicle types in your portfolio.

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NIO Drives Digital Transformation with Eggplant

Learn how this innovative electric vehicle company significantly improved quality, saved time and resources, and accelerated R&D with the power of reliable and repeatable automated testing.

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“Automated testing is a positive trend in the automotive industry, and Eggplant is a leading-edge, long-term solution for us.”

Rui Wang

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