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QA Testing Tools for IT Applications

Keep up with the rapid pace of innovation with continuous testing you can count on. Test your full IT stack — including the ERP and CRM for your enterprise — in minutes with Eggplant’s AI-powered test automation.

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Automate QA Testing for Enterprise IT Systems

Testing integrations across different codebases and data types? Navigating diverse endpoint hardware, operating systems and browsers? Keysight's Eggplant helps you streamline your testing approach. Use a low-code/no-code interface to create a single model across multiple platforms, applying powerful AI-driven automation to continuously deliver and reduce downtime and repetition in the test process.

  • Packaged Application Testing

    So many applications, so little time to test them. Enterprise IT complexity keeps growing, and departments are faced with:

    • Multiple interconnected platforms — ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, all needing frequent updates and new integrations
    • Off-the-shelf software and SaaS applications with no access to the underlying code
    • Manual testing that can’t keep up with technology change and innovation

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence helps you modernize your QA testing approach by creating a single model for all your complex systems. Eggplant automates UX-based testing, cutting down on the time required to release quality software. 

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Packaged Applications Use Cases

  • Tech Stack Testing

    Every application looks great in a solo demonstration. But it’s in production where the cracks can appear, when everything has to work together. This is because:

    • Different codebases, permissions, data types and schemas don’t always play well together
    • Endpoints keep proliferating, from mobile to IoT devices
    • Meanwhile, across all this complexity, testing resources often get stretched too thin

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    With Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence, you use one model to automate end-to-end testing of complex systems — across any technology, device, browser or OS. And the low-code/no-code interface is easy to use for teams with various skill levels.

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  • Salesforce CRM Testing

    CRM systems have evolved into mission-critical platforms, including market leader Salesforce. Accuracy and reliability are a must. However:

    • Frequent updates from Salesforce, as well as connected systems, can break your local customizations and integrations
    • Complexity keeps growing with new Salesforce applications and features
    • Manual testing isn’t scalable and can lead to errors

    The Golden Rule of Testing Salesforce

    Salesforce spans nearly every department in an organization, but each department has different test cases based on the key features it uses. So, what is the golden rule that applies to everyone when it comes to testing Salesforce? Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more. 


Salesforce CRM Use Cases

Keysight's Eggplant Test for QA Automation

Universal Fusion Engine

Eggplant’s AI-powered engine provides the fastest path to quality for your system under test by identifying, executing and adapting tests automatically. 

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API Evaluation

Eggplant’s API testing verifies front-end results match back-end results, helping prevent errors that could lead to lost sales or unhappy customers.

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Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision uses optical character recognition (OCR) to identify text from images, facilitating testing of complex UX elements. 

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NEC Computers Realizes Massive Return on Eggplant Investment

By shifting to automated user experience testing with Eggplant, NEC Personal Computers was able to drastically reduce the manpower and hours it previously took to test and find errors.

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“In an OS error investigation requiring 12,000 trials, 553 employee hours needed for the manual reproduction test was reduced to just 32 with Eggplant.”

Ichiro Mori
PM Group Manager, NEC

Resources for Enterprise QA Testing

Learn the Ins and Outs of CRM Testing

Today’s CRM is a dynamic platform for forging customer connections. Learn how to test and ensure seamless, accurate, delightful user experiences.

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Overcome Salesforce Testing Challenges

Even minor updates can break your tests. Save testing aggravation by validating both the code and UI functionality with intelligent test automation. 

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Keysight Undergoes Digital Transformation

Keysight reduced its ERP stabilization period by 80% and completed ERP upgrades 30% faster with Eggplant’s automation testing tools.

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Auto Trader Runs 19.5 Million Tests a Year

Auto Trader looked to Eggplant to simulate a wide variety of customer user journeys, ranging from users hitting the homepage to searching for a car.

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