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Automated Software Testing for Financial Services

“Keysight Eggplant has been instrumental in our shift left  automation strategy since 2018 through end-to-end mainframe testing.” Prithiviraj Kumar Chintadripet Nandagopal, Digital Assurance and Productivity Domain Lead
Bank of England

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Intelligently Automate End-to-End Testing Across the Software Value Chain

B2C and personal banking transactions are increasingly digital, introducing many combinations of devices, browsers, and operating systems, making functional and usability testing critical and complex across all possible paths. Eggplant helps financial institutions compete by automating and accelerating software testing across multiple interactions in a regulated environment.

  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Testing

    ATMs have evolved to become a key point of customer contact, providing a growing suite of financial services. This requires an ATM software test automation solution that continuously:

    • Supports a complex array of secured fintech test services for every device
    • Ensures timely releases of high availability, high-performance applications
    • Produces reliable and confident user journey testing

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence automates ATM software testing with digital twin technology. Each customer entry is included in the digital journey — so DevOps teams can rapidly scale up delivery with accurate and repeatable tests.

    Close-up of a right hand pressing a button on an ATM keypad.

ATM Test Use Cases

Eggplant Test Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision detects changes users may experience and auto updates test scripts when issues occur, greatly reducing maintenance needs.

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Test Any Platform

Eggplant ensures that digital services function effectively and efficiently for any user, regardless of device type, operating system or browser.

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BankservAfrica Improves Testing Efficiency With Eggplant Test Automation

South Africa's national payment system operator was facing challenges meeting testing deadlines due to complexity and increasing transaction volume. Eggplant Test helped streamline their testing processes, reduce errors, and significantly speed up their testing times.

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“As we seek to improve the efficiency and quality of our testing, Eggplant’s automation capabilities will be a key factor in helping us achieve this goal.”

Di Ruzza
Test Architect, Nationwide

Resources for Better Financial Services

Introduction to AI-Driven Testing

Given the interconnected nature of financial systems, banks are leaning on Eggplant test automation to deliver optimal customer experiences. 

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Deliver a Five-Star Customer Experience

Learn how Eggplant’s intelligent test automation delivers a top-tier digital banking experience for both users and your ecosystem of back-office systems. 

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Will Challenger Banks Win Market Share?

Challenger banks’ customer-focused approach is something that organizations across the financial services industry can adopt with Eggplant’s UX-based testing.

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Continuous Testing for High-Stakes Trading

Software test automation is crucial for trading firms to support the rapid pace of software delivery in a highly competitive environment.

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