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Automated Software Testing for Healthcare

“Because of [Eggplant]'s universal approach, we have confidence for testing future requirements.” – UMHS

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Now On-Demand: Doug Simons, the inventor of SenseTalk, shares his insights on the latest trends in low-code test automation, the future development of SenseTalk, and how Eggplant drives the democratization of software testing in healthcare. Watch now.

Why Keysight Eggplant for Healthcare

Recognized by Forrester, Keysight Eggplant is a leader in software test automation. Healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers can experience enhanced healthcare software testing in three areas:

Four Key Challenges in Healthcare Software Testing

Unscalable processes

Faster upgrade cycle of more complex EMR outruns QA capacities

Inconsistent coverage

Coverage deficiency increases software defect risks

QA talent shortage

Limited technical expertise hampers scaling 

Ever-evolving requirements

Stricter regulations demand more complex tests

  • Non-invasive EMR testing at DevOps speed

     Eggplant can test any electronic medical record (EMR) system as a clinician would, but up to 6.7X faster – without accessing source code or PHI.
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    [Guide] 5-proven steps to cover more with less: HIPAA-compliant AI testing 

    Is the burden of the ever-growing testing requirements (downstream systems, dynamic data and values, regulations) for EMR weighing down your organization? What if there’s a HIPPA-compliant solution that could slash testing time by 92%? 

    This practical guide introduces a 5-step model to leverage AI to accelerate testing in HIPAA-regulated environments.

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  • Streamlined Medical Device Software Testing

     While devices and regulatory requirements evolve rapidly, your test suites don’t. Powered by AI, Eggplant can auto-generate cases for any embedded software across platforms to improve coverage within time constraints. 

    Case study: FUJIFILM Software slashes medical device testing time by 92% 

    Connected medical devices with multiple endpoints and non-traditional user interfaces make manual testing inefficient but costly.

    Unlock the single secret to cutting embedded medical software testing time by 92% with extensive coverage across your entire technology stack

    Non-invasive test automation medical device testing
  • Test automation and RPA in one toolset

    Eggplant brings a unified approach to EMR testing and robotic process automation 2.0 (RPA) for healthcare, enhancing cost-effectiveness and giving more time back to QA and business testers.

    HubSpot Video

    RPA 2.0: A new way to drive efficiency in healthcare

    RPA 2.0 unlocks advanced AI abilities like NLP and computer vision, achieving greater efficiency and reliability in process automation for healthcare systems.

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Eggplant Product Features for Healthcare Software Testing

Testing Any Platform

Eggplant ensures EMR functions correctly across all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

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Model-Based Testing

Eggplant's AI engine predicts how healthcare software will behave under various conditions to enhance testing accuracy and reliability.
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Computer Vision

Eggplant delivers user-POV testing for healthcare applications, facilitating testing of complex UX elements and easing maintenance.

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"All this is just the beginning of what we can do with Eggplant."

Oxford University Hospitals

"We can do it faster and the quality of each individual test patient is that much better, which means we’re more likely to catch issues with the code for any upgrade."

UNC Health Care

Latest trends in healthcare software test automation


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Why now is the time to go non-invasive in EMR testing

See how to maximize the benefit of non-invasive automation to prepare for upcoming EMR and medical device testing challenges in HIPAA-regulated environments.

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Explore three causes of healthcare's QA talent gap, and how codeless test automation technologies can help overcome those challenges.

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Test for resilience

Ready to future-proof testing in the digital health age?

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