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Automated Software Testing for Healthcare

From FUJIFILM Software Co. to the National Health Services (NHS), Keysight Eggplant is the trusted platform to test electronic medical record (EMR) systems, medical devices, and digital health apps intelligently and securely.

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1:1 with the Inventor of SenseTalk on the Future of Low-Code Testing in Healthcare

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On April 25, join Doug Simons, the mastermind behind SenseTalk, as he shares the latest trends in low-code software testing and how to code in SenseTalk to automate EMR tests at the speed of thought. Limited seats are left - register now!

Accelerate Healthcare Software Delivery with the Most Reliable Test Automation Platform

Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence enhances software quality and digital experience to new heights. Don't let manual testing be a headache - let Eggplant be your prescription for greater efficiency and competitiveness in healthcare's digital transformation. 

  • Automate End-to-End Testing for Any EMR

    Keysight Eggplant enables low-code, non-invasive automation for end-to-end (E2E) testing of any electronic medical record (EMR) system. With our innovative digital twin model, you can also non-invasively test software, healthcare workflows, and connected devices from the user's perspectives across multiple platforms. Experience the future of healthcare software test automation today.

    Maximize the Value of Automated EMR Testing in 5 Steps

    In this practical guide, we introduce a 5-step framework to seamlessly integrate AI-driven EMR test automation to save thousands of QA hours, execute functional tests at triple the speed, and much more. You will also see real-world case studies on how Eggplant helps healthcare organizations like the NHS supercharge their EMR test automation with ease.

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  • Supercharge Medical Device Testing

    Medical device software testing is a critical aspect of healthcare's digital transformation. With advancements in IoT and 5G, these devices play a bigger role in saving lives - while also becoming more complex and sophisticated.

    • Automatically test end-to-end workflows, integrations, and digital experience 
    • Effortlessly test complex systems or wearables without traditional user interfaces
    • Confidently improve interoperability between any device and healthcare system

    Master the Testing of Next-Gen Medical Device Software

    FUJIFILM Software Co. has partnered with Keysight Eggplant to modernize its testing environment of medical devices. With Eggplant’s noninvasive, AI-driven testing, FUJIFILM Software Co. was able to do the following: 

    • Reduce testing time by 92%.  

    • Eliminate the risk of human error.  

    • Test across the entire user interface with a user-centric approach. 

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  • Elevate Healthcare Efficiency with RPA 2.0

    Eggplant brings a near-effortless approach to scaling intelligent process automation or robotic process automation (RPA) 2.0 for healthcare organizations of all sizes. With Eggplant's AI engine, process automation becomes even smarter, safer, and simpler.

    Healthcare Huddle: Prescribe RPA 2.0 to Treat Healthcare Worker Burnout

    AI is taking RPA to the next level. Join us on March 7 to learn how to harness the combined power of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI and achieve greater efficiency at scale. 
    Reasons to choose Eggplant for RPA

Explore Eggplant Capabilities 

Any Platform

Any medical device, EMR application, OS, browser or API — Eggplant tests across all your platforms and use cases through a single, intuitive UI.

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Model-Based Testing


With a digital twin model, you can test complex systems, workflows or user journeys across any EMR or technology layer.

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Intelligent Computer Vision

 Validate user experience on any screens, systems and devices with automated, computer vision-based testing.

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"Partnering with Eggplant significantly contributed to reformation of the way we work by drastically reducing man-hours. In addition, it allowed us to enhance product quality by strengthening test coverage and shortening lead time by executing automated tests during the night and holidays."

Mr. Yohei Yamada
Deputy Department Manager of the Software Development Department, FUJIFILM Software Co.

"Each iterative change needs testing, and we've been able to use Eggplant to significantly reduce the burden on our development staff.”

David Wyndham Lewis
Transformation and Technology Director, Tavistock and Portman NHS 

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