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Automated Retail Software Testing

"With Eggplant, we slashed delivery times and provided a more reliable, robust automated solution. What could have taken three to four weeks in Selenium, took one to two days in Eggplant." —Sam G., Lead Automation Engineer in Retail

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Deliver a Delightful Omnichannel Experience for Your Customers

Retailers are under pressure to maintain seamless, omnichannel customer journeys. However, manual and script-based testing leads to errors and delays that negatively impact users. With Eggplant’s intelligent automation of in-store and e-commerce website testing, retailers can accelerate release cycles across all touchpoints, browsers, systems, and devices to deliver a smooth shopping experience.

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  • Automated POS Testing

    automated_pos_testingManual POS testing is incredibly complex and time-consuming.

    From writing user stories and creating test cases to finding defects and retesting repeatedly, keeping up with release cycles might seem impossible.

    Automated POS testing makes the impossible possible by auto-generating test cases, increasing test coverage, and improving testing accuracy - all at the push of a button.

    Keysight Eggplant uses AI and robotics provided by IntelliQA to:

    • Test any POS, regardless of the operating system or manufacturer.
    • Drive robots to test any connected payment device.
    • Identify and test every possible user path end-to-end to maximize coverage.

    Ready to experience the power of AI-driven POS testing with robotics? Jump into our interactive product tour today. 

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    Transform the Checkout Experience with AI-Powered Test Automation and Robotics

    Staples implemented Keysight's Eggplant test automation solution to complete 75% of regression tests in only two days, helping to re-platform its entire POS network across 1,000 stores.

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Point-of-Sale Testing Use Cases

  • Application Performance Testing

    The performance and load time of your mobile app and website are critical to the success of your retail business. To help drive conversions, retailers need to keep customers engaged by:

    • End-to-end functional testing from merchandising and payments to logistics and inventory
    • Maintaining seasonal high-traffic spikes with no downtime
    • Identifying and eliminating software errors in real time

    Eggplant Performance & Load Testing

    Test your full stack through each layer of technology: applications, clients, servers, cloud services and network performance to gain a comprehensive analysis of the user experience with an application.


Application Performance Testing Use Cases

Eggplant Product Features

API Evaluation

Eggplant tests multiple technology layers of an application, from databases, APIs, web elements and the UI to prevent lost sales and unhappy customers.

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Any Platform

Eggplant Test ensures your applications, website and digital services function effectively across all browsers, operating systems and devices.

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Test and Release Insights

Eggplant Performance’s Real Customer Insights helps you better understand website performance — conversion, bounce rate, user engagement and revenue.

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Eggplant Helps Albertsons Accelerate Complex POS Testing

U.S. supermarket chain Albertsons Companies turned to Eggplant for its AI-driven test automation to replace manual testing, which was hampering productivity and efficiency while keeping costs high.

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“Our customers benefit from an improved experience. Eggplant is core to the capability; we are excited by the use of AI to optimize execution paths.”

Mike Friedel
Retail Customer Solutions, Albertsons

Resources for Retail Software Testing

AI-Driven Testing for E-commerce Success

In a retail environment that’s growing more competitive and customer-driven, brands can help differentiate themselves with intelligent, AI-driven testing. 

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Optimizing Site Performance with Eggplant

Hair equipment retailer ghd (good hair day) used Eggplant’s powerful Performance Analyzer to improve bandwidth issues and download speeds affecting customers.

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Handling Heavy Site Traffic with Eggplant

Learn how Eggplant Performance can help you mitigate risks and make the most of opportunities associated with extreme traffic peaks on your website or mobile app. 

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How Smart Testing Drives Real Results

Testing the end-to-end user experience across all touchpoints — from kiosks and mobile devices to scanners and payment terminals — delivers real business results. 

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