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Telecom and Media Test Automation

Mobile customers will settle for nothing less than fast, reliable and efficient experiences. Use intelligent test automation to keep up with emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and augmented reality.

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Drive Innovation in Telecom and Media to Meet Customer Needs

Consumer expectations for constant connectivity make it vital for telecom and media companies to ensure the highest performance standards while quickly adapting to new technologies such as 5G and IoT. Keysight's Eggplant’s AI-powered test automation and performance tools address these needs with a user-centric solution that speeds end-to-end testing on any device or platform.

  • Load Testing

    Fast, reliable web and application access has become a must for consumers. To stay competitive, telecom and media companies need to:

    • Generate synthetic load traffic; monitor network performance and availability during live network operations
    • Measure network capacity and availability during staging and pre-deployment
    • Resolve issues with real-time data analytics, and mitigate risk from network outages

    Eggplant Performance & Load Testing

    The Eggplant Performance solution simplifies performance and load testing across the network at scale. Its real-time data analytics offers insights that help DevOps teams resolve issues quickly across any technology, application or process.

    Transactions summary and graph displaying network throughput in Eggplant Performance.

  • Gaming

    In the multi-billion dollar gaming market, 60 fps 4K video is the benchmark, but higher digital quality is already available, and demand is accelerating for an even more amazing gaming experience. Game producers must overcome challenges such as:

    • An increasingly complex device and OS landscape
    • Finding a solution that tests devices at a high frame rate
    • Lack of direct access to the screen
    • No access to object-level data

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Keysight's Eggplant makes it easy to test functionality, usability, accessibility and performance on one platform with shared assets. And it can test at 120 frames per second in higher-end mobile and gaming devices for more action and clearer image rendering.

    Close-up of a pair of hands holding a gaming console.

  • Mobile Phone Acceptance

    Top mobile operators are automating their user acceptance testing (UAT) workflows to rapidly test for common customer usage scenarios. Mobile phone UAT is extremely complex, with primary mobile phone suppliers frequently releasing new devices and operating systems requiring:

    • Testing applications with any mobile device type, browser or operating system
    • UAT automation to manage performance across frequent release cycles
    • Continuous integration tools to quickly identify and isolate problems

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

    Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence reduces the complexity and speeds up DevOps cycles. How? By presenting one unified, user-centric model, consolidating functional, performance and user acceptance testing across all apps, platforms and processes.


Keysight's Eggplant Product Features

Test and Release Insights

Eggplant’s Real Customer Insights (RCI) gathers key insights to measure website performance — conversion, bounce rate, user engagement and revenue.

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Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision supports unit, functional and usability testing with 60 frame-per-second mobile testing for an elevated gaming experience. 

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Any Platform

Eggplant Test ensures your applications, website and digital services function across all browsers, operating systems and devices.

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Eggplant Improves NTT DOCOMO User Experience Through 24/7 Service Monitoring

Failure detection for NTT DOCOMO involved complex factors and time delays. Eggplant's automated testing tools offered 24/7 platform performance monitoring for multiple systems such as iOS and Android.

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“We needed a testing solution that would enable us to improve the user experience, and Eggplant stood out through its automated service monitoring system. This is critical in the digital world.”

Katsumi Noda
Service Operations, Service Design Department, NTT DOCOMO

Resources for Telecom and Media

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Gaming operator Paddy Power optimized the customer experience by using Eggplant Performance to track and monitor tens of thousands of user journeys.   

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