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Intelligent Automation as a Service.

Accelerate the speed and scale of your continuous delivery, and put the user experience at the heart of your testing with the Eggplant cloud platform.

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Cloud and Computer

How the Eggplant Cloud Works

hoe the eggplant cloud works



With continuous deployment becoming more of a requirement in today's world, the Eggplant cloud enables organizations to intelligently test their environments faster.



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The Eggplant cloud allows businesses to put the user experience at the heart of their testing by quickly assessing overall quality and customer impact.


Key Benefits of the Eggplant Cloud

scale up


Scale Up

Any team can scale-up their testing to thousands of tests running continuously with one button.




By fully understanding the system under test: from elements and objects to screens and navigation structure, Eggplant can auto generate, and auto maintain, test assets for intelligent test execution.




Automatic feedback from production into testing accelerates the identification and fixing of production defects before your customers tell you and your business is impacted.




Opt-in to sharing anonymized test insights to then also receive shared, aggregated, insights across the Eggplant community to quickly identify and address common issues across systems, cohorts, devices, browsers, etc.




Customers across financial services, healthcare, and retail are already using the cloud platform for production testing. In addition to the intelligent automation hosted platform, Eggplant will continue to support and develop the on-premise DAI Suite.

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