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Website Monitoring

Today’s complex, digital world relies on computer systems and software, and downtime is more than a fleeting annoyance. In many industries, it’s a critical failure that can have a lasting, negative impact on customer experience, the corporate brand and the bottom line.


Every sector grapples with performance problems

Amazon’s outage on Prime Day 2018 is a chief example—it’s estimated that the company’s one hour of downtime cost it up to $100 million in lost sales. Commercial airlines are another sector that frequently struggles with outages, leading to revenue loss and significant customer service headaches.

While the fallout from performance issues in these industries may be more widely publicized, the truth is that every sector grapples with performance problems and must be more proactive in their response to these challenges. Gone are the days when companies can rely on customer loyalty to help them weather technological challenges. Countless studies have documented consumers’ willingness to switch to a competitor if they are disappointed with a brand’s digital experience, and we can only expect this to increase as digital transformation efforts continue.

Avoiding downtime isn’t the only piece of solving this puzzle. While it’s important for brands to reduce outages, it’s equally critical that they address site speed. Consumers may be more inclined to forgive a brief outage if the overall digital experience is fast, reliable and meets their needs. But they have little patience for a consistently slow site, and brands that are unable to increase their website’s speed will likely find themselves struggling with KPIs like conversion, bounce rate and revenue.  

This illustrates the need for intelligent, continuous testing that can monitor for website issues while simultaneously helping companies stay a step ahead of problems and optimize performance. Eggplant provides companies with this comprehensive approach in two ways:

  • Monitoring Insights, which uses a unique double testing methodology to ensure the accuracy of every alert. Our consistent, repeatable testing and user-centric approach gives brands assurance that they will know in real-time when a problem occurs.
  • Real Customer Insights, which provides information about how a site is performing for different groups of users and also predicts how changes in performance will affect KPIs such as conversion and bounce rate for those groups. 

With Eggplant, companies have peace of mind and the tools they need to greatly reduce or eliminate the likelihood of downtime. Perhaps more critically, however, is that our technology goes beyond simply monitoring for problems to identifying opportunities for improvements—and predicting the business impact of making them.  

Whether it’s Black Friday for retailers, the holiday travel rush for airlines, or back to school season for universities, all industries have a peak time. Understanding how a site will perform during this heightened period in advance is a critical part of planning, but performance testing is about so much more than simply confirming that the site can handle an increase in traffic.

Eggplant gives companies the ability to drill into critical data points such as:

  • How page load times are affecting conversions, session length, bounce rate and revenue
  • Which pages are the slowest
  • How performance relates to device, browser, ISP, and location
  • Where to focus your development and infrastructure investment

Armed with this information and details on other factors affecting performance, companies have a real-time view of what their customers are experiencing—and an action plan for addressing any areas for improvement. By feeding this critical data on performance and user behavior into development pre-release, companies can achieve better business outcomes and deliver an experience that delights every user, on every operating system, at every interaction—even during peak times.  

We live in a digital world in which the quality of the customer experience will only grow more closely linked to company revenue. In this environment brands need a monitoring solution that not only encompasses outages and downtime, but also provides actionable insights for improving the digital experience. Eggplant can help companies navigate today’s performance challenges while simultaneously laying the foundation for tomorrow’s improvements.


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