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Monitoring Insights.

Increase user satisfaction and conversions with optimized digital experiences.

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Customer Experience Matters.

You need to know there's a problem. You need to know it's a real problem. You need to know fast. If your website or app is slow, broken or unavailable, you will lose customers. And it's not just about downtime. Monitoring Insights ensures your customers achieve their goals on your website or application.  

Customer Experience Insights
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How the competition stacks up

Below you can see how our advanced Monitoring Insights offering outstrips traditional synthetic monitoring applications.  


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Key Benefits of Monitoring Insights.

Reliability of Service

Accurate and consistent results.

Monitor User Journeys

Test functionality and availability using real browser technology to make sure your business is running optimally. 

It's not just about Down Time

Are slow load times driving customers away? Can your customers buy insurance, book a holiday or easily change a reservation? 

Trust in the Data

False alerts are a false economy. Protect your business with the most reliable monitoring solution you can find.

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With Eggplant’s help, we’re uncovering and fixing the things that are slowing down our website. And having a faster website is already making a positive impact on our business, with better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. I can highly recommend Eggplant’s products and expertise.



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