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Performance and Load Testing.

Ensure responsive and scalable application experiences to increase user engagement

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How can performance and load testing benefit you?

Today’s complex, digital world relies on computers systems and software and downtime is more than a fleeting annoyance. In many industries, it’s a critical failure that can have a lasting, negative impact on customer experience, the corporate brand and the bottom line.

Amazon’s outage on Prime Day 2018 is a chief example—it’s estimated that the company’s one hour of downtime cost it up to $100 million in lost sales. Commercial airlines are another sector that frequently struggles with outages, leading to revenue loss and significant customer service headaches.

Eggplant Performance provides true, user-centric performance testing, that’s simple to use. Its unique ability to simulate virtual users at both the application UI and the network protocol levels makes it the only solution that gives you a true understanding of the UX impact at scale. Understand and resolve issues quickly via effective analysis and reporting capabilities and take advantage of an open, extensible, multi-protocol solution that’s future-proof and designed to meet new challenges.

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Benefits of Performance and Load Testing.


Simplify complexities of performance testing

User Focus

Test system performance from a true user perspective


Use powerful graphical tooling

Real Time

Resolve issues with real-time data analytics


Control tests while they’re running

Future Proof

Future proof your processes

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Load testing is a must. I would recommend it to anyone implementing changes on a business critical system. The consequences of not testing just aren’t worth the risk, so I always budget for it. Failing to test can cost a lot of money, embarrassment and negative feedback from customers.



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