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Performance Manager

A quick web search for “software outage” shows the bottom line impact of downtime or poorly performing software and applications. Spanning all industries and sectors our digital world is heavily reliant on computer systems, making performance a business critical imperative.



How Eggplant Supports Performance Managers

Much of this burden rests on the performance manager’s shoulders. But in our complex IT environment, where websites and apps rely on a variety of modules and services under the control of various vendors, with independent release cycles, serving a range of user types, this is anything but an easy burden to carry. As a performance manager, you face a growing number of tests to execute to ensure your technology performs as it should and delivers an experience that delights its users.

Eggplant can significantly alleviate your performance management pressures while simultaneously helping to release faster in line with continuous delivery demands. Unlike other testing platforms, we test from the user perspective—monitoring how users are actually interacting with the technology and feeding that information back into the testing model.

Drawing on AI and advanced machine learning, we empower you to uncover bugs that would be undetectable with traditional test automation solutions and help maximize test coverage—even as new apps and technologies are introduced.  

Ensuring that software and applications function properly and deliver an experience that delights is essential for success in the digital age. Eggplant equips performance managers with the capabilities necessary for meeting these expectations through a future-proof platform that can easily accommodate IoT and other emerging technologies.

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