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Performance Optimization

In the digital age, high performing software and applications are intrinsically linked to business success. Whether it’s an ecommerce shopper attempting to checkout via a mobile app or a business user accessing custom enterprise workflows, the expectation is that the technology will function seamlessly on every possible platform and operating system. For many industries—healthcare, commercial aviation, utilities and defense, for example—performance issues or downtime are more than just an inconvenience; in these high-stakes environments, ensuring that software functions as it should can be the difference between life and death.


How can companies accelerate their release times while ensuring that the technology delivers a high-quality experience?

As IoT adoption grows performance expectations—and the accompanying challenges—will only increase across all industries and functions. With billions of devices ranging from consumer products to security systems to automobiles digitalized and connected to the cloud, traditional approaches to testing cannot possibly keep up. At the same time, organizations face ever-increasing pressure to release faster in line with continuous delivery expectations.  

So how can companies accelerate their release times while simultaneously ensuring that the technology delivers a high-quality experience? These are certainly modern challenges, necessitating that organizations embrace a modern, intelligent testing approach to address them, and that’s where Eggplant comes in.  

We use scriptless models, AI and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution across the full testing process, providing a level of test coverage unattainable via manual methods alone. Whereas other testing providers focus on the code we approach testing through the eyes of the user, giving companies the ability to deliver true software quality at speed. Eggplant can test any device, operating system, browser, or technology, delivering a future-proof approach ready made for the IoT and other emerging technology innovations.  

From a performance optimization perspective, we draw on AI to understand the factors contributing to the performance of a website or application and feed that data into DevOps. As a result, performance improvements can be continually made ensuring that customers enjoy a truly optimized digital experience that also drives bottom-line improvements for the company. In addition, Eggplant enables organizations to predict the user impact of a new product version so that they can make more informed decisions about when and how to release.

Key to our customer experience optimization approach is understanding how technical factors impact outcomes—and how this differs across different areas of your site. Depending upon industry, there are certain site pages where performance is most critical. Think about travel booking sites—it’s common to create a sense of urgency at checkout by proclaiming that only a select number of tickets remain. If those checkout pages are extremely slow or timeout, customers are likely to panic and switch to another booking site for their travel needs. Checkout urgency is less of an issue for online grocers, for example; these retailers are more concerned with making item selection as streamlined as possible.  

Eggplant can monitor these and other variables across industries, providing companies with intuitive reports that identify where to focus optimization efforts and other recommendations for improving the experience their site delivers. Key benefits include:

  • Obtain a deeper, holistic understanding of performance.
  • Clearly communicate performance issues to non-technical stakeholders. Visual representations present performance issues in an intuitive format, making this information accessible to other lines of business.
  • Deploy human testers more strategically. Automated testing reduces the manual testing burden and enables staff to be deployed to more strategic initiatives.
  • Improve customer experience and conversation rates while reducing acquisition and infrastructure costs.

No matter what industry you’re in, providing an exceptional digital experience is of paramount importance. With customers at the forefront of most companies’ digital transformation efforts, it follows that organizations should test from the user perspective. Eggplant allows companies to vet their websites through the eyes of every customer, identify which technical factors impact business outcomes, and act on this information to drive customer experience improvements that simultaneously result in revenue gains.  


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