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Eggplant Monitoring

“Eggplant’s synthetic monitoring gives an independent business-critical insight to website availability and performance 24/7, 365 days a year." Dave Whyte, Operations Engineering Lead, Auto Trader

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Consistent, Reliable Website Performance Monitoring

Most businesses rely on their website to connect with customers. But without the ability to continuously test and monitor the KPIs that impact user experience, it’s nearly impossible to fix problems or find opportunities to increase conversions. Eggplant Monitoring Insights analyzes your website including load times, monitors user journeys and provides real-time performance insights to help you resolve problems efficiently.

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Increase Conversions and Insights with Eggplant Monitoring 

Optimize website performance and the user experience with our fully managed monitoring service.

  • Understand your users better by simulating a visitor to your website and analyzing their experience
  • Get accurate, consistent results with customized monitoring via rich dashboards and a native app
  • Solve customer problems quickly with real-time performance insights delivered to you via SMS, email, XML or RSS feeds
  • Spot trends and bottlenecks with detailed reports and analysis of your site’s performance

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Eggplant Monitoring Features

Test and Release Insights

Gain valuable insights to see how your website performs — conversion, bounce rate, user engagement and revenue.

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Test Any Platform

Monitor reliability of service in real time with accurate and consistent results for both client and server-side applications.

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See Eggplant Monitoring in Action

Keysight's Eggplant helps you identify website page performance issues, uncovering broken objects and web elements that crash a page, negatively impacting important user journeys. Fixing these issues helps improve conversions and the user experience.

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Keysight's Eggplant ensures your customers achieve their goals on your website or application.

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Monitoring Insights for Fast, Reliable Websites

With Eggplant Monitoring, get real-time insights into your website’s speed and how it relates to other key metrics, such as conversion and bounce rate.

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Performance Matters to Your Users

With performance issues inherent in everything from third-party content to devices and web servers, the right approach to testing is a user-centric one. 

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Achieve Better Business Outcomes and UX

Eggplant Monitoring can track every website visit, providing performance insights to help you deliver a better online experience for your customers.

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