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Eggplant Performance

“Load testing is a must when implementing changes on a business-critical system. Failing to test can cost a lot of money, embarrassment and negative customer feedback.” —Geoff Bishop, Eurotunnel le Shuttle

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Performance Testing from the User Point of View

Whether it’s an e-commerce site or back-office application, user-centric performance at scale is a must. Many factors make this a challenging task: complex enterprise integrations and product interactions, including third-party services and software; the constant evolution of endpoints and touchpoints; unpredictable spikes in demand. Ensure fast, responsive user experiences at scale with Eggplant’s performance testing software.

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Gain Confidence with Eggplant’s Load and Performance Testing

Experience what your customers experience, know the impact of changes beforehand and reduce risk. Keysight's Eggplant Performance:

  • Focuses on users by simulating virtual users at the application user interface and network protocol levels
  • Increases reliability with powerful analysis tools for performance tuning
  • Expands test coverage across multiple protocols — Web, TCP/UDP, XenApp and more.
  • Improves efficiencies with integrated UX testing, dynamic run control and real-time monitoring with Eggplant Test

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Eggplant Performance Features

Test Any Platform

Performance monitoring tools ensure your applications, website and digital services function across all browsers, operating systems and devices.

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CI/CD Integration Adapters

Powerful adapters let you extract data from packaged applications to help accelerate test modeling and test case development and expand test coverage.

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See Eggplant Performance & Load Testing in Action

Keysight's Eggplant provides easy-to-use performance testing with real-time analytics to measure your software’s UX impact at scale across the widest range of technologies. Use our extensible, multi-protocol testing solution to reduce deployment risks quickly.


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Keysight's Eggplant rapidly scales automated performance and load testing across technologies to lower costs.

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The Ultimate E-Commerce Testing Playbook

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Boost Black Friday Revenue with Eggplant

A seamless user experience is key to increasing conversions, especially on Black Friday. To ensure peak performance, start performance testing early and often.  

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