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Eggplant Test 

Deliver at DevOps speed with our AI-powered test automation and digital twin modeling. Release faster with fewer errors when you test the full user experience with our low-code functional test tools.

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Continuous Testing with Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

As software development continues to evolve, testing teams are under pressure to release faster while maintaining the highest levels of quality amidst a complex and fragmented ecosystem. With AI-powered test modeling, you can quickly assess risks and make informed decisions. Eggplant’s digital automation intelligence delivers the coverage you need to optimize the user experience, speed up release cycles and improve your quality assurance process.

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Work Smarter with Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Eggplant lets you automate the entire testing process, from test case generation to results analytics. It helps:

  • Reduce maintenance costs with scriptless testing modeling
  • Empower non-technical teams with low-code, UI-driven testing tools
  • Produce actionable insights with AI-powered exploratory testing
  • Provide full test coverage across any device, platform or OS, and any layer of the UI, database or APIs
  • Scale up enterprise testing quickly by enabling teams to work within a single tool kit

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Eggplant Test Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images, facilitating automated testing of complex UX elements.

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Universal Fusion Engine

Our AI-powered engine provides the fastest path to quality for your system under test. Our AI identifies, executes and adapts test models automatically.

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API Evaluation

Eggplant API testing helps validate your website's back-end operations by verifying that the output displayed on the front end matches the back end.

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Testing for Any Platform

Eggplant ensures your applications, website and digital services work across all browsers, operating systems and devices on the client or server side. 

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Model-Based Testing

Eggplant’s model-based testing helps predict how an application will behave under various conditions, allowing for more accurate and reliable testing.

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CI/CD Integration Adapters

Integration adapters let you extract data from packaged applications to help accelerate test modeling and case development and expand app test coverage.

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See Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence in Action

Eggplant’s digital automation intelligence tests all your enterprise applications to help you speed up releases, improve product quality and bring costs down. Use Eggplant to drive continuous testing, covering the full range of user journeys.

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Resources for Eggplant Test

Automate Anything with Eggplant Test

Eggplant test automation can automate any software, including Salesforce, WorkDay, containerized applications and non-traditional UIs like heads-up displays.  

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Efficiencies Achieved with Eggplant Test

With Eggplant, Fujifilm Software created a 24/7/365 test case with thousands of test patterns that significantly reduced errors and improved product quality. 

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The Ultimate AI Testing Playbook

Learn how Eggplant’s AI-driven digital twin modeling uses snippets of code to automate scripts for faster test case creation and easier test case maintenance. 

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Speed Up DevOps with Continuous Testing

Keep up with complex and faster release cycles by automating and integrating tests for software changes and updates in your CI/CD pipeline. 

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