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QA Manager

Gone are the days when QA was viewed as a peripheral, IT-specific function. In the digital, customer-driven age, quality assurance is a central business priority with QA managers tasked with a dual goal: delivering a digital experience that delights users while positively affecting business outcomes.



How Eggplant Supports QA Managers

This means shifting focus from determining whether software and applications are simply meeting QA criteria to understanding how users are utilizing the technology. As a QA manager, you’re also expected to identify news ways to drive ROI and devise a framework to ensure that IoT and other technology innovations can be introduced in a way that minimizes friction and drives the business forward.  

It’s no insignificant task, but it’s made exponentially easier with Eggplant. We provide a user-centric approach to testing that investigates every permutation of the user journey and delivers insights you can use to optimize the user experience. Drawing on advanced machine learning and AI, Eggplant analyzes internal and external factors, chooses the most relevant tests and executes much faster than traditional test automation tools.  

Eggplant delivers unparalleled precision that helps QA managers meet your equally important objectives of driving positive business outcomes and producing high-quality digital experiences.

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