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Test Smarter. Release Faster.

The Eggplant Salesforce Solution accelerates deployments with auto-generated test assets for your specific Salesforce environment.

The Eggplant Salesforce Solution will help you...
performance 2
Accelerate releases by auto-generating scripts and models
data analytics
Create accurate tests by analyzing your Salesforce metadata
Customize auto-generated tests specific to your Salesforce
test automation deployment
Test both Classic and Lightning Salesforce versions with one model
reduce cost
Automate your QA procedures to reduce OPEX costs
Reduced Production Downtime
Reduce test maintenance after every update, upgrade, and customization
Validate the UI and verify the code by combining testing technologies
208x150 tablet
Test any browser and device regardless of the codebase


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Create a digital twin model to accurately visualize all user journeys across devices, applications, and systems.
Accelerate release cycles with auto-generated models and code snippets.
Analyze all data flows and user actions to create test automation assets specific to your Salesforce environment.
Execute robust testing that validates the UI without solely relying on object ID verification.
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