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Software Developer (SDET) 

It’s a challenging time to be a test engineer. You’re tasked with determining the best way to perform tests and achieve maximum test coverage of an ever-increasing amount of software, systems and applications.


How Eggplant Supports Test Engineers

As new technology is introduced into the environment test engineers must not only create new testing procedures, but also champion these processes internally to IT management and other stakeholders. Add to this the challenges of shrinking testing teams and the pressures of keeping pace with DevOps and it’s clear that the role of test engineer is not for the faint of heart.

Automated testing can help test engineers overcome many of their obstacles and derive greater efficiencies, but it also introduces its own challenges. How can you determine which functions to automate? As collaboration increases between testing and development, how can test automation help rather than hinder this process? And what is the role of AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies in this new era of testing?

Eggplant helps test engineers cut through the noise to answer these and other questions to ensure they are deploying the right technology in the right way to exceed their testing expectations. We use scriptless models, AI and analytics to expand automation across the entire testing process. Our solutions empower you to identify ways in which technology can alleviate administrative burdens and create custom scripts to automate these functions.

To succeed in the modern enterprise, test engineers need a modern, future-proof approach. Eggplant’s AI-driven testing addresses this need, arming you with the technology and intelligence you need to test today’s complex technology while simultaneously preparing for tomorrow’s innovations.

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