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Telecom & Media

Telecom Providers Grow Market Share by Continually Innovating

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The digital world is heavily reliant on the Internet and organizations have no patience for outages and other performance issues. Similarly, the ubiquitous nature of smartphones has significantly increased consumers’ expectations for constant connectivity. Mobile customers will settle for nothing less than fast, reliable and efficient Web and application access regardless of their physical location. And with a variety of providers to choose from, it’s critical that companies deliver on these expectations or miss out on market share.

These are among the factors that have elevated testing to a strategic business priority for telecom and media companies. At the same time, today’s technology environment has introduced numerous industry specific testing challenges and competing priorities organizations must address. Among them:

  • Testing numerous platforms and devices: Our heterogenous device landscape requires that companies test across a variety of platforms and devices while simultaneously accounting for the performance of set-up boxes and other back office services.
  • Scalability and performance demands: Telecom and media companies routinely face high scalability and performance demands associated with new releases and other changes.
  • Website content: Companies must keep up with dynamically changing website content and heavy graphical elements.
  • Performance monitoring: It’s also vital that telecom and media companies have the ability to continuously monitor software and applications, immediately detect failures and optimize performance.
  • Addressing emerging technologies: With new innovations coming to market in the form of the IoT, augmented reality and 5G, for example, organizations need a testing strategy that can easily adapt to emerging technology. 

It’s a tough gig, but one that is made exponentially easier with Eggplant.

We provide telecom and media organizations with intelligent, continuous testing that addresses the industry specific challenges while simultaneously providing a framework that encompasses tomorrow’s testing needs. Eggplant’s unique user-centric approach moves beyond testing the code to focus on how customers are actually interacting with the technology. This allows organizations to determine how technical factors impact business outcomes and make decisions to optimize performance based upon this data.

Our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite enables end-to-end test automation that is 4-7 times faster than other automation tools, helping organizations maximize test coverage even as new technology is introduced. Our solutions allow companies to discover bugs that would be undetectable via traditional testing solutions and also test previously untestable areas. In addition to these performance benefits, Eggplant also helps organizations drive greater efficiencies by using a single test script for multiple device scenarios. 

We Know What You're Up Against 

Speed, performance, and constant change

Push out innovative content faster than ever. Ensure a reliable, consistent experience across devices and browsers. Keep up with dynamically changing website content. Compete with new entrants. How effectively can you test quality, responsiveness, reliability, performance, security, and consistency to deliver an amazing user experience?

Network update challenges

5G promises faster speeds, efficiency, and less latency. And having an active plan to make it a reality is key to accommodating the future of connected things. Can your software testing methods quickly evolve to adapt with the next generations of IoT, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality?

Security pressures

Despite efforts by Android, Microsoft, and Apple to improve encryption capabilities, mobile devices, laptops, and desktops are still vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, especially through social media and text messages. What’s your software testing strategy to ensure secure network security and services as new IoT devices and technologies emerge?

Address Your Digital Telecom and Media Testing Challenges With Eggplant Solutions

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enables end-to-end test automation to help you innovate to delight customers, comply with regulations, and provide reliable, stable performance of your systems and apps.

Future-proof your testing

Test any technology, app, or process end-to-end. 

Incorporate low code

Reduce complexity with model driven automation. 

Do UX testing from the true user perspective

Run one model across all platforms and test the full UX.

Keep pace with DevOps

Learn from in production use to improve your digital product. 

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