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Continuous Application Performance Monitoring

“We needed a tool that would measure our different internal brands, but also externally set a benchmark to monitor competitors’ performance.” —David McGarth, Performance Analyst, Paddy Power Betfair

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Performance Monitoring Keeps Customer Experience up to Speed

Mobile customers don’t settle for slow apps and sites; they move on within three seconds. Having gaps in your web performance monitoring leads to blind spots that adversely affect the user experience. Companies struggling to measure how performance impacts the UX risk losing customers along with business revenue. Because today’s markets demand flawless UX and workflows. The proven approach to increasing stability in large-scale systems is with continuous app performance monitoring (APM).

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Mirror User Behavior for Apple and Android Functional Testing

Eggplant Monitoring Insights APM tools emulate mobile device screens resolution, upload, download and network latency across Apple and Android environments. Analyze page load times across multiple user journeys. You can monitor any accessible system, page or function and receive notifications via SMS, email, XML or RSS feeds. Keep the business running smoothly with continuous performance monitoring.

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Retail: Faster Sites Make More Sales — See How Eggplant Delivers Reliable Speed

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Healthcare: Ensure Critical Applications Function As Expected with No Downtime

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Financial Services: Ensure Systems Scale and Perform with Unshakeable Accuracy

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Eggplant Monitoring Insights

Maximize the customer experience: Spot and fix areas of your website that are slowing down your users. Keep apps in tune and in step. Intelligent monitoring and analysis help guarantee a great UX for all, and happy customers mean more conversions.

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Eggplant Features

Intelligent Computer Vision

Leverage an AI-driven test search engine with optical character recognition to identify text from images. It’s perfect for synthetic UX monitoring.

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Universal Fusion Engine

Identify, execute and adapt tests automatically for bug hunting, test case coverage, real user journeys and monitoring changes.

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Test and Release Insights

Eggplant Monitoring Insights shows how your website performs in terms of conversion, bounce rate, user engagement and revenue.

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Leading Brands Look to Eggplant to Deliver Optimal User Experiences

Resources for App Performance Monitoring

Why Performance Matters for Marketers

Page load time impacts the bottom line. It affects conversions, bounce rate, SEO, engagement, brand loyalty and more. 

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Performance Testing the Vaccine Rollout

A healthcare company’s cross-system peak load testing meant registration websites, EHRs, databases, scheduling and notification systems had to work flawlessly.  

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Delivering Exceptional User Experiences

Slow pages or unresponsive third-party services can negatively impact your users. That’s why customer monitoring needs to be part of your testing strategy.

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Motors.co.uk Drives Optimal Performance

Car sales website, motors.co.uk, tested page loads to prepare for an advertising campaign in order to keep operations running smoothly during peak hours. 

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