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Application Scalability Testing Done Right

Any platform, any scale, any location. Eggplant's testing tools can uniquely simulate virtual users at the application UI and network protocol levels to accurately measure user experience performance at scale.

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Scalability Testing to Optimize Site Reliability

Downtime can drive away customers, damage a company’s reputation or lead to a life-threatening crisis in certain industries. However, systems are increasingly software-reliant and interconnected. QA teams need to load test for an array of network protocols and applications. The user experience needs to be accurately measured and analyzed at scale. Understanding trends and spotting bottlenecks can help guide performance tuning.

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Ensure Fast and Responsive User Experiences at Scale

Scalability load testing enables DevOps to identify performance issues and make preventative adjustments to handle increases in traffic on any application. Eggplant offers the only performance testing solution that provides a combination of application UI and network protocol testing.

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Enterprise IT: Test Applications across the Enterprise at Full Load

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Hand holding a credit card about to be inserted into a retail POS device.

Retail: Verify Performance of Your Omnichannel User Experience

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Woman in white lab coat, testing EMR with Eggplant on her computer.

Healthcare: Ensure All Your Hospital Systems Are Running Smoothly

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Eggplant Performance & Load Testing

Eggplant Performance delivers performance testing capabilities to measure, adapt and optimize your users’ digital experience at scale. The load testing functionality enables stress testing to increase site reliability and reduce service disruption.

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Product Features

Any Platform

Ensure your applications, website and digital services function across all browsers, OS and devices.

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Test and Release Insights

Understand how your website performs in terms of conversion, bounce rate, user engagement and revenue.

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API Evaluation

Ensure the reliability and accuracy of website back-end operations, preventing errors that could lead to lost revenue.

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Leading Companies Trust Eggplant for Their Scalability Testing Needs

Resources for App Scalability Testing

motors.co.uk Uses Eggplant for Website Optimization

To prepare for increased traffic following a major TV ad campaign, motors.co.uk ran performance testing to find errors and improve UX. 

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Can Your Website Handle Black Friday?

For critical retail events like Black Friday sales, web and application downtime can cripple your business. Make sure you’re prepared. 

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Performance Testing EMR

Performance and scalability testing can help hospitals identify potential issues in their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and plan infrastructure changes. 

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Freshfields Boosts IT Productivity with Eggplant Tools

Learn how Freshfields is boosting productivity and scaling testing across geographies and systems.

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