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Continuous Testing for DevOps

Test throughout the application lifecycle with automated testing for every code change in every phase: code development, building the release, deploying the application and monitoring performance.

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Continuous Testing for Stable Code and Happy Customers

Continuous testing at every phase of the software lifecycle means being accountable for the code you developed and deployed. But without broad test coverage or the ability to replicate production issues rapidly, you can quickly get dragged into debugging incidents at the cost of developing new functionality. What’s needed is an approach that integrates automated testing into continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) in order to release exceptional software that delights your customers.



Is It Time to Automate More of Your Software Testing?

Your test strategy has a direct impact on your build quality and velocity. With ever-increasing demands on developer and QA team time, test automation is a proven way to accelerate releases and reduce risk of a rollback or failed deployment.

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Network server rack.

Enterprise IT: Continuous Testing Accelerates Continuous Delivery of Apps

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Aerospace and Defense: Continuous Testing for Command and Control Systems

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Healthcare: Continuously Test EMR Workflows for Better Coverage, Faster Test Cycles

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Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Eggplant is a low-code, easy-to-use test automation platform that seamlessly integrates continuous testing into DevOps build and release practices. Shift left to developers with connector and API integrations to CI servers such as Jenkins and Bamboo.

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Product Features

Universal Fusion Engine

Eggplant applies AI to auto-generate test cases based on your model. Creating tests using learning algorithms enables more user journeys to be tested.

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API Evaluation

Eggplant API testing ensures that the proper responses for a given back-end request are verified by the visual presentation on the front end.

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CI/CD Integration Adapters

Eggplant’s powerful integration adapters allow you to extract application data in order to validate and accelerate test case development.

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Top Organizations Worldwide Use Eggplant’s Test Automation Tools

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