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Business-Critical Embedded Device Testing

From retail point of sale to IoT sensors, Eggplant automates end-to-end testing for embedded systems, third-party software and any device at the enterprise level — no source code access required.

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Delivering Reliable, Top-Quality Embedded Software and Devices

Large-scale software implementations require heavy maintenance of multiple platforms and integrations. Different applications and devices — kiosks, scanners, ERPs, CRMs and more — use a variety of codebases, permissions, data types and protocols. Quality assurance of your digital ecosystem is critical, but manual testing just can't provide enough coverage to ensure reliability. To meet this challenge, enterprise IT and DevOps teams have to turn to automated, AI-powered embedded software testing.

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Use Eggplant to Test Any App or Device at Any Layer

Eggplant uses a digital twin model to test complex, interconnected systems with multiple endpoints.​ Our low/no-code platform makes embedded software testing easy for even non-technical teams. And it takes an AI-driven, non-invasive approach with no access to the source code needed. Eggplant tests from the user’s perspective, allowing you to test across any technology, device, browser or operating system.

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Enterprise IT: Test from COTS Applications to Shop-Floor Systems

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Hand holding a credit card about to be inserted into a retail POS device.

Retail: Ensure CX across Inventory, Check-Out and E-Commerce Systems

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Telecom and Media: Improve Device Reliability, from Network Routers to OTT Boxes

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Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

AI-powered Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence expands test coverage, analyzes results and rapidly identifies solutions. Test from the user POV across your entire technology stack to deliver reliable, high-performing embedded software and devices.

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Product Features

AI/ML Engine

The fastest path to quality for your system under test: Our AI automatically identifies, builds and runs tests, adapting as new devices are added.

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Any Platform

Eggplant’s test automation solution works on any platform, operating system and device, providing end-to-end test modeling and analytics.

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Model-Based Testing

Eggplant helps predict how an application or device will behave under different conditions, giving you more accurate and reliable testing.

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Leading Enterprises Trust Eggplant for their Embedded Software Testing

Resources for Embedded Software Testing

AI in Embedded Military Technology

Manual testing is stretched past its limits by “systems of systems” and complex battlefield integrations. Experts discuss how AI helps testing keep up.

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Prepare for Peak Trading

Don’t let payment verifications or website overload disrupt sales at peak times. Here’s how to test across third-party services and more. 

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24/7 Service Monitoring at NTT DOCOMO

NTT DOCOMO serves over 74 million customers in Japan. See how Eggplant testing helped guarantee reliability across next-gen devices and services.

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Testing Flight Attendant Panels

More and more aviation monitoring functions are managed by these devices. Eggplant and CANoe work together to keep flight systems on time.

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