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End-to-End Robotic Process Automation

Speed up business processes, while reducing administrative overload and manual errors. Eggplant’s end-to-end RPA solution helps organizations work smarter with better results.

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Prescribe RPA 2.0 to Treat Healthcare Worker Burnout

Learn everything about the latest and greatest innovations in RPA and how they could transform healthcare in a digital age.

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Robotic Process Automation Reduces Manual Data Entry and Errors

Whatever your industry, supporting business-critical workflows and processes has become increasingly complex for IT teams. Test automation can make a positive impact. But it’s often hard to achieve for teams managing large data migrations or applying system-wide security patches because traditional tools demand expensive subject matter experts and technical experts. What’s needed is process automation that’s easy to use and smart enough to handle high volume and rapid change.

Simplify and Automate Workflows with RPA

Eggplant’s RPA is data-driven, so you can link data sources and automatically execute tasks for each record. Our AI-powered automation tools come with an easily deployable runtime that can be hosted on any platform. And Eggplant offers the flexibility to do work your way, with different attended or unattended modes of operation, including accelerators for common packaged apps like SAP and Oracle.

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How RPA is Turbocharging Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

According to Gartner, half of US health systems have reported investing in RPA by 2023. Blending AI and RPA in healthcare can further simplify and streamline clinical workflows like inputting patient data, checking medication, and discharging. Learn how to scale the benefits of RPA at an enterprise level.

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Doctor automate patient registration with  RPA

Healthcare: Address Physician Burnout and Shortage with RPA 2.0

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Control panel in an airplane cockpit.

Aerospace and Defense: Comprehensive, Secure RPA Testing for Defects

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Stock market ticker.

Financial Services: RPA Ensures High-Speed Trades, Digital Banking and More

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Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence

Keysight's Eggplant brings the power of RPA and AI together for smart test automation. Model complex interconnected systems, increase test speed and coverage, test any technology at any layer and improve root cause detection — all at enterprise scale.

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Product Features

Universal Fusion Engine

Eggplant’s AI-powered engine provides the fastest path to quality for your system under test by identifying, executing and adapting tests automatically.

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API Evaluation

Eggplant API testing helps ensure your website's back-end operations by verifying that results displayed on the front end match the back end.

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Any Platform

Eggplant Test & Automation Intelligence ensures your applications, website and digital services work across all browsers, operating systems, devices.

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Leading Brands Look to Eggplant to Deliver Optimal User Experiences

Resources for RPA

AI and Software Test Automation

Improve your systems’ quality and deliver at the speed of DevOps. Learn how automated testing delivers the payoff. 

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Harnessing the Power of RPA to Tackle Emerging Healthcare Challenges

Learn about critical challenges healthcare organizations face in the post-pandemic era and how Eggplant can help solve them with RPA and Intelligence Test Automation. 

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Why You Need RPA 2.0 in Healthcare's Digital Transformation

With RPA and AI working in harmony, RPA 2.0 plays a critical role in transforming the industry in a direction focused on more accessible care and improved patient experience.

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Must-Have Skills for the Age of Automation

As innovations like RPA let companies offload manual, repetitive tasks to machines, learn how to make sure people are ready for the new working world. 

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